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Artemsia and wild daisies on the grave (MethD-0186) of Lesbia Harford in Kew Cemetery, Melbourne. Lesbia Harford (9 April 1891 – 5 July 1927) was an Australian poet, novelist and political activist.

Life Lesbia Venner Keogh was the first child of Edmund Joseph Keogh and Beatrice Eleanor Moore, great-great-granddaughter of an Earl of Drogheda. Lesbia was born at Brighton, Victoria, on 9 April 1891. From 1893 to 1900, the fami...
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Lesbia Harford Poems

  • Green And Blue
    Green and blue
    First-named of colours believe these two.
    They first of colours by men were seen
    This grass colour, tree colour, ...
  • God Speaks
    I made a heaven for you filled with stars,
    Each star a song
    Meant to give happy music to your ear,
    Day and night long. ...
  • The Tyrant
    When I was a child,
    I felt the fairies' power.
    Of a sudden my dry life
    Would burst into flower. ...
  • Lawstudent And Coach
    Each day I sit in an ill-lighted room
    To teach a boy;
    For one hour by the clock great words and dreams
    Are our employ. ...
  • A Meaning Learnt
    I'm not his wife. I am his paramour:
    His wayside love, picked up in journeying:
    Rose of the hedgerows; fragrant, till he fling
    Me down beside the ditch, a drooped thing ...
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Comments about Lesbia Harford

  • Fromtherainfall: shes gonna read her a poem by a bitch called lesbia harford... i gasped
  • Clitullus: collected poems: lesbia harford an unknown, to me. aussie poetess. a gift from a friend who is no more (he didn’t did, he’s just cut out of my life). 1.2-4.5⭐️, varies.
  • Cailinceltic: i can't feel the sunshine -- lesbia harford images -google picfinder
  • Apokochito: when day is over i climb up the stair, take off my dark dress, pull down my hair, open my window and look at the stars. then my heart breaks through these prison bars of space and darkness and finds what is true, up past the stars where i'm one with you. lesbia harford
  • Cailinceltic: but when i hear the angelus,i say a latin prayer hoping the dim incanted words may shine some way,somewhere. words and a will may work upon my mind till ethics turn to that transcendent mystic love with which the seraphim burn. i am no mystic -- lesbia harford
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