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Family tree Matthew Arnold (24 December 1822 – 15 April 1888) was an English poet and cultural critic who worked as an inspector of schools. He was the son of Thomas Arnold, the famed headmaster of Rugby School, and brother to both Tom Arnold, literary professor, and William Delafield Arnold, novelist and colonial administrator. Matthew Arnold has been characterised as a sage writer, a type of writer who chastises and instructs the reader on contemporary social issues.
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Matthew Arnold Poems

  • Journey To The Dead
    Forth from the East, up the ascent of Heaven,
    Day drove his courser with the Shining Mane;
    And in Valhalla, from his gable perch,
    The golden-crested Cock began to crow: ...
  • Funeral
    The gods held talk together, group'd in knots,
    Round Balder's corpse, which they had thither borne;
    And Hermod came down towards them from the gate.
    And Lok, the Father of the Serpent, first ...
  • The Last Glen
    Hist! once more!
    Listen, Pausanias!--Aye, 'tis Callicles!
    I know those notes among a thousand. Hark!
  • Typho
    He advances to the edge of the crater. Smoke and fire break forth with a loud noise, and CALLICLES is heard below singing:

  • Marsyas
    CALLICLES (from below)

    As the sky-brightening south-wind clears the day, ...
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  • Adriangregory20: theo - who goes to matthew arnold school - ’so he’s like superintendant chalmers but he wrote poetry?’
  • Ridaakhtar_: matthew arnold, in culture & anarchy, in 1867 "the english ideal is that everyone should be free to do and look as he likes". another day in english lit. hec syllabus; mourning the english "ideals" our side of the world saw post 1857 vs what we are discursively being taught.
  • Tma_school: year 11 students: mrs gould has emailed you and your parents this evening, with a letter updating you on gcse grading. please check your emails to keep up to date. there will be further information as and when we receive it. well done for your hard work
  • Sscherman: arnold palmer inv picks: winner: patrick reed favorite play: matthew fitzpatrick favorite low owned play: brendan steele fade: viktor hovland guy i’m playing that you shouldn’t: patrick rodgers gl gl
  • Carolyn_arnold: if you're looking for fast-paced action adventures akin to indiana jones set in modern times, may i please introduce you to matthew connor >>
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