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Judith Arundell Wright (31 May 1915 – 25 June 2000) was an Australian poet, environmentalist and campaigner for Aboriginal land rights. She was a recipient of the Christopher Brennan Award.

Contents Biography Judith Wright was born in Armidale, New South Wales. The eldest child of Phillip Wright and his first wife, Ethel, she spent most of her formative years in Brisbane and Sydney. Wright was of Cornish ancestry. After the early death of her mother, she lived with her aunt and then boarded at New England Girls' School after her father's remarriage in 1929. After graduating, Wright studied Philosophy, Engl...
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Judith Wright Poems

  • Trapped Dingo
    So here, twisted in steel, and spoiled with red
    your sunlight hide, smelling of death and fear,
    they crushed out your throat the terrible song
    you sang in the dark ranges. With what crying...
  • Blue Arab
    The small blue Arab stallion dances on the hill
    like a glancing breaker, like a storm rearing in the sky,
    In his prick-ears,the wind, that wanderer and spy,
    sings of the dunes of Arabia, lion-coloured still....
  • Sonnet
    Now let the draughtsman of my eyes be done
    marking the line of petal and of hill.
    Let the long commentary of the brain
    be silent. Evening and the earth are one, ...
  • The Trains
    Tunnelling through the night, the trains pass
    in a splendour of power, with a sound like thunder
    shaking the orchards, waking
    the young from a dream, scattering like glass...
  • Egrets
    Once as I travelled through a quiet evening,
    I saw a pool, jet-black and mirror-still.
    Beyond, the slender paperbarks stood crowding;
    each on its own white image looked its fill, ...
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  • Bookerplays: there are some incisive articles by australians living in the uk (including cath drake of the verandah fame and kaye lee); a closer look at the work of two australian stalwarts gwen harwood and judith wright, plus insights by british poet moya pacey, who lives and writes in…
  • Keephandswashed: from judith wright's "the trains" and how shall mind be sober, since blood's red thread still binds us fast in history? (...) racing on iron errands, the trains go by, (...) hurl their wild summoning cry, their animal cry…. the trains go north with guns
  • Celeryjaguar: this is the lovely mother of jude craig wright the wooroloo arsonist. charmaine judith wright or as she calls herself now charm smith. a 46 year old woman who attacks a 13 year old boy. psycho family...
  • Privateboyle: the melbourne lava bubble in joke in victoria of jokovich and the pacific volcano eruptions of fukatani volcano while white mountain . heath ledger in judith wright poems of the surfer. hypermeaning; hypercausality in semiotics
  • Quad_cities: judith ilene wright
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