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  • The Hare And The Fox
    The fox lay still by the birch-tree's root
    In the heather.
    The hare was running with nimble foot
    O'er the heather. ...
  • To My Wife
    (With a set of Roman Pearls)
    Pray, take these pearls!-and my thanks for them
    You lavished, the home of my youth to gem!
    The thousands of hours of peaceful luster ...
  • Song For The Students' Glee Club
    Now, brothers, sing out our song,
    Whose train of light shall follow long!
    With love are its measures beating
    And victory's joyous greeting, ...
  • Olaf Trygvason
    Broad the sails o'er the North Sea go;
    High on deck in the morning glow
    Erling Skjalgsson from Sole
    Scans all the sea toward Denmark: ...
  • Ballad Of Tailor Nils
    If you were born before yesterday,
    Surely you've heard about Tailor Nils, who flaunts him so gay.

    If it's more than a week that you've been here, ...
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Grmmtclactivist: "do not complain beneath the stars about the lack of bright spots in your life." ~bjørnstjerne bjørnson
Lfolsneslea: ...is disputed. for whom, i don't know. one should know that a polish boy is widely suspected to have written the m...
Grounderluna: i want yall to know that the norwegian national anthem is written by a man named bjørnstjerne bjørnson, which direc...
Mizdanaclaire: according to my family, i'm related to bjørnstjerne bjørnson, one of norway's greatest writers and 1903 nobel laure...
Joselopezs03: "do not complain beneath the stars about the lack of bright spots in your life." - bjørnstjerne bjørnson; born in k...
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