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Amy Judith Levy (10 November 1861 – 10 September 1889) was a British essayist, poet, and novelist best remembered for her literary gifts; her experience as the first Jewish woman at Cambridge University and as a pioneering woman student at Newnham College, Cambridge; her feminist positions; her friendships with others living what came later to be called a "New Woman" life, some of whom were lesbians; and her relationships with both women and men in literary and politically activist circles in London during the 1880s.

Biography Levy was born in Clapham, an affluent district of London, on 10 November 1861, to Lewis and Isobel Levy. She was the second of seven children born into a Jewish family with a "casual attitude toward religious observance...
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Amy Levy Poems

  • A Cross-road Epitaph
    "Am Kreuzweg wird begraben
    Wer selber brachte sich um."

  • Lohengrin
    Back to the mystic shore beyond the main
    The mystic craft has sped, and left no trace.
    Ah, nevermore may she behold his face,
    Nor touch his hand, nor hear his voice again! ...
  • Contradictions
    Now, even, I cannot think it true,
    My friend, that there is no more you.
    Almost as soon were no more I,
    Which were, of course, absurdity! ...
  • Impotens
    If I were a woman of old,
    What prayers I would pray for you, dear;
    My pitiful tribute behold--
    Not a prayer, but a tear. ...
  • To Death
    (From Lenau.)

    If within my heart there's mould, ...
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  • Elisebills: sometimes i get in a mood where all i can do is read on the threshold by amy levy, and that's just how it is
  • Auschwitzmuseum: survivors & artists: helen aronson, paul benney lily ebert, ishbel myerscough manfred goldberg, dr clara drummond arek hersh, massimiliano pironti anita lasker wallfisch, peter kuhfeld rachel levy, stuart pearson wright zigi shipper, jenny saville
  • Real_bobby_levy: amy coney barrett and brett kavanaugh are going to sit by and let this happen
  • Andre__levy: based chinese women soldiers vs sjw asian-australian female: who would win? the australian army: lin always told her teachers her name was amy. she grew up on a diet of rice, soy milk and mcdonalds. she never told her parents about abhey, they would hav…
  • Wcschsjv: the chs carolers just finished a 3 night stint at the amy grant/vince gill concerts at the ryman. grateful to gary levy for this opportunity. happy holidays, everyone!
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