Every day you wake up, every morning,
Even tho you did not realize that it's still the same day,
You realized that you're in a reoccurring cycle,
Every day the same movement,
The same things you do.

Everything you do keeps on coming back,
And you're tired to go to sleep,
You woke up again and still the same things are happening,
Sometimes you ask yourself, Is this a dream?
Why am I doing things again and again?

But then another day,
Another day different things happened,
And you find yourself happy, but you are really not,
It's not what you've thought then,
That you actually found yourself being abuse.

Its just little things,
That's been upsetting,
Upsetting you're not setting,
Setting a new way,
The way that you need to be in.

We kept telling ourselves, that we need help,
But that you realize that you don't,
Cause you realized, that you have no real friends,
You're independent and desperate,
You then realized again that you have no hope of living.