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Jack Spicer (January 30, 1925 – August 17, 1965) was an American poet often identified with the San Francisco Renaissance. In 2009, My Vocabulary Did This to Me: The Collected Poetry of Jack Spicer won the American Book Award for poetry. He spent most of his writing-life in San Francisco.

Early life

Born as John Lester Spicer on January 30, 1925 in Los Angeles, to parents Dorothy Clause and John Lovely Spicer.He graduated from Fairfax High School in 1942, and attended the University of Redlands from 1943 to 1945. While attending the University of Redlands, he became friends with Warren Christopher. After graduation he lived in Los Angeles briefly, and worked as a movie extra and a private investigator.


Spicer ended up in Berkeley...
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Jack Spicer Poems

  • A Diamond
    <i>A Translation for Robert Jones</i>

    A diamond
    Is there ...
  • -any Fool Can Get Into An Ocean . . .â?
    Any fool can get into an ocean
    But it takes a Goddess
    To get out of one.
    Whatâ??s true of oceans is true, of course, ...
  • A Poem Without A Single Bird In It
    What can I say to you, darling,
    When you ask me for help?
    I do not even know the future
    Or even what poetry ...
  • Sporting Life
    The trouble with comparing a poet with a radio is that radios donâ??t develop scar-tissue. The tubes burn out, or with a transistor, which most souls are, the battery or diagram burns out replaceable or not replaceable, but not like that punchdrunk fighter in the bar. The poet
    Takes too many messages. The right to the ear that floored him in New Jersey. The right to say that he stood six rounds with a champion.
    Then they sell beer or go on sporting commissions, or, if the scar tissue is too heavy, demonstrate in a bar where the invisible champions might not have hit him. Too many of them.
    The poet is a radio. The poet is a liar. The poet is a counterpunching radio. ...
  • A Poem For Dada Day At The Place April 1, 1958
    The bartender
    Has eyes the color of ripe apricots
    Easy to please as a cash register he ...
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Comments about Jack Spicer

Harpywitharobot: jack "i saw a robot in the kitchen appliance and carved it until i set it free" spicer his bf's coffeemaker || his mom's juicer- or robojack 3.0
Aliterarybot: our poems write for each other, being full of their own purposes, no doubt no more mysterious in their universe than ours in ours. —jack spicer, letters to james alexander
Homosoftommorow: sometimes i think about how jack spicer wrote an entire series of "letters" to long dead poet lorca and then wrote letters back to himself in the style of lorca just for funsies.
Homosoftommorow: jack spicer was the definition of a chaotic good gay and he was gone way too soon.
Pres_chicago: "'there was overwhelming support for preservation of the limestone revetment,' said promontory point conservancy jack spicer. 'ald hairston (5th) was outstanding in her support ... and very clear in her words to the park district to not screw this up.'
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