Who is George Parsons Lathrop

George Parsons Lathrop (August 25, 1851 – April 19, 1898) was an American poet, novelist, and newspaper editor. He married Nathaniel Hawthorne's daughter, Rose Hawthorne.

Life George was born August 25, 1851, in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father was physician George Alfred Lathrop, his mother was Frances Maria (Smith) Lathrop, and his brother was Francis Lathrop.

George was educated in New York City and Dresden, G...
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George Parsons Lathrop Poems

  • New Worlds. (moods Of Love.)
    With my beloved I lingered late one night.
    At last the hour when I must leave her came:
    But, as I turned, a fear I could not name
    Possessed me that the long sweet evening might ...
  • Sailor's Song, Returning
    The sea goes up; the sky comes down.
    Oh, can you spy the ancient town, -
    The granite hills so green and gray,
    That rib the land behind the bay? ...
  • I Loved You, Once
    And did you think my heart
    Could keep its love unchanging,
    Fresh as the buds that start
    In spring, nor know estranging? ...
  • Wedding-night. (moods Of Love.)
    At night, with shaded eyes, the summer moon
    In tender meditation downward glances
    At the dark earth, far-set in dim expanses,
    And, welcomer than blazoned gold of noon, ...
  • The Lover's Year
    Thou art my morning, twilight, noon, and eve,
    My summer and my winter, spring and fall;
    For Nature left on thee a touch of all
    The moods that come to gladden or to grieve ...
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Sweet 49 Long 47 Life 43 Love 40 I Love You 40 Deep 37 Heart 35 Sun 30 Night 29 Spirit 28

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  • Plastic_bio: the sunshine of thine eyes, (o still celestial beam!)whatever it touches it fills with the life of its lambent gleam.the sunshine of thine eyes, oh, let it fall on me!though i be but a mote of the air, i could turn to gold for thee. - george parsons lathrop
  • Whitedruid2: and all its visions on the golden tide of mid-noon gliding off, must disappear. fair dreams, farewell! so in life's stir and pride you fade, and leave the treasure of a tear! george parsons lathrop
  • Skullshardlife: check out spanish vistas by george parsons lathrop, 1883 harper bros.,1st illus reinhart
  • Skullshardlife: check out spanish vistas by george parsons lathrop, 1883 harper bros.,1st illus reinhart
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