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Muhammad Iqbal (Urdu: محمد اقبال; 9 November 1877 – 21 April 1938) was a South Asian Muslim writer and is the National Poet of Pakistan. Iqbal was a philosopher, and politician, whose poetry in the Urdu language is considered among the greatest of the twentieth century, and whose vision of a cultural and political ideal for the Muslims of British-ruled India was to animate the impulse for Pakistan. He is commonly referred to by the honorific Allama (from Persian: علامہ, romanized: ʿallāma, lit. 'very knowing, most learned').Born and raised in Sialkot, Punjab in an ethnic Kashmiri Muslim family, Iqbal completed his B.A. and M.A. at the Government College Lahore. He taught Arabic at the Oriental College, Lahore from 1899 until 1903. During this time, he wrote prolifica...
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Allama Muhammad Iqbal Poems

  • A Prayer
    My invocations are sincere and true,
    They form my ablutions and prayers due.

    One glance of guide such joy and warmth can ...
  • The Himalayas
    O Himalah! O rampart of the realm of India!
    Bowing down, the sky kisses your forehead

    Your condition does not show any signs of old age ...
  • Sympathy
    Perched on the branch of a tree
    Was a nightingale sad and lonely

    'The night has drawn near', He was thinking ...
  • Mu'tamid's Lament In Prison
    In my breast,
    A wail of grief,
    Without any spark or flash,
    Alone survives, ...
  • The Intellect And The Heart
    One day Intellect said to the heart
    'A guide to the misguided ones I am

    Being on the earth I reach up to the sky ...
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Heart 24 World 18 Life 17 I Love You 13 Love 13 Beauty 13 Garden 11 Sky 11 God 10 Sun 10

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Comsatsoffice: cui international student mr. adnan hamidi, studying under “allama muhammad iqbal scholarships for afghan students” has won 2nd prize for afghan short documentary contest organized by higher education commission (hec) pakistan.
Qpracha: the great iqbal had alluded towards these developments in his verses beautifully; اعجاز ہے کسی کا یا گردش زمانہ! ٹوٹا ہے ایشیا میں سحر فرنگیانہ. at last the frankish charm has been broken by the east by which in past was bound. (allama muhammad iqbal r.a) (bal-e-jabreel)
Faiazfozlu: "love is the first teacher of intellect, heart and vision. without love, religion and theology are just idols of illusion." - dr. sir allama muhammad iqbal (alaiyhi rahma) ✍️
Amir_nisar82: "the most important thing for a student is not what he or she learns in school, but rather what he or she learns from life." (national poet: allama muhammad iqbal)
Ghulamfatima03: “he who cherishes love of mustafa ﷺ controls everything in the seas and lands. it is love for him that gives life and prosperity in the universe to community” allama muhammad iqbal
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