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Nazim Hikmet Poems

  • Lion In An Iron Cage
    Look at the lion in the iron cage,
    look deep into his eyes:
    like two naked steel daggers
    they sparkle with anger. ...
  • Regarding Art
    Sometimes, I, too, tell the ah's
    of my heart one by one
    like the blood-red beads
    of a ruby rosary strung ...
  • Our Eyes
    Our eyes
    are limpid
    drops of water.
    In each drop exists ...
  • You
    You are my enslavement and my freedom
    You are my flesh burning like a raw summer night
    You are my country
    You are the green silks in hazel eyes ...
  • Gioconda And Si-ya-u
    to the memory of my friend SI-YA-U,
    whose head was cut off in Shanghai

    A CLAIM ...
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Live 14 I Love You 13 Love 13 Life 12 World 11 Long 11 Heart 11 Never 11 Water 11 Head 10

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Comments about Nazim Hikmet

  • Nemoloris: others may prefer soft-play centres and child minders, but not nazim hikmet.
  • Photostock75: i became a handful of ash,iwas thrown into the air there is nothing that i have askedfrom you for myself he can't even eat candy,the boy who burns like paper i'm knocking onyour door,aunt,uncle, give an autograph children should not be killed so they can eat candy. nazım hikmet
  • Nemoloris: adventures at sea with nazim hikmet.
  • Strongsenseof: click over to our blog to read a yearning, lyrical poem by turkish poet nâzım hikmet, aka, 'the romantic revolutionary.' his poem captures all the complicated emotions that home can inspire.
  • I_could_coast: robert burns and walter scott, fair and good, but nationalistic literature is fascistic and socialist realism is meh? can only approve of nazım hikmet with apologia?
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Rami Maroun: ”You'll put your foot down and live. to spite the enemy. Part of you may live alone inside, like a tone at the bottom of a well”.
This quote states that even those in liking of something unusual have the right to some freedoms. They have the freedoms of choosing whether they give up hope, or of choosing if they eat or become sick, or choosing discolored they behave or not.

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