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  • Sordello: Book The Second
    The woods were long austere with snow: at last
    Pink leaflets budded on the beech, and fast
    Larches, scattered through pine-tree solitudes,
    Brightened, "as in the slumbrous heart o' the woods ...
  • Songs From Pippa Passes
    Day! Faster and more fast,
    O'er night's brim, day boils at last:
    Boils, pure gold, o'er the cloud-cup's brim.
    Where spurting and suppressed it lay, ...
  • The Cardinal And The Dog
    Browning wrote this poem in 1842 for Macready's son, who was ill. He had also written the Pied Piper of Hamelin at the same time.

    Crescenzio, the Pope's Legate at the High Council, Trent, ...
  • Bad Dreams Iii
    This was my dream: I saw a Forest
    Old as the earth, no track nor trace
    Of unmade man. Thou, Soul, explorest,
    Though in a trembling rapture, space ...
  • Sordello: Book The Third
    And the font took them: let our laurels lie!
    Braid moonfern now with mystic trifoly
    Because once more Goito gets, once more,
    Sordello to itself! A dream is o'er, ...
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Life 143 God 138 Heart 137 Love 132 I Love You 132 Never 125 World 114 Good 113 Face 113 Long 111

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Esdcloudmedia: introducing a readers favourite - the pied piper of hamelin (first edition 1842) by robert browning out of print first ever edition recreated for kindle readers available on amazon!
Brulechevalier: meeting at night by: robert browning (1812-1889) he gray sea and the long black land; and the yellow half-moon large and low; and the startled little waves that leap in fiery ringlets from their sleep, as i gain the cove with pushing prow,
Olympicsgardner: "others mistrust and say, "but time escapes: live now or never!" he said, "what's time? leave now for dogs and apes! man has forever."" [robert browning]
Fraskyfizzle: writers inspirational quotes less is more. - robert browning
Limbrickj: el laberinto del verdugo: robert browning. poeta. por: harold bloom.
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