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Rupert Chawner Brooke (middle name sometimes given as "Chaucer;" 3 August 1887 – 23 April 1915) was an English poet known for his idealistic war sonnets written during the First World War, especially "The Soldier". He was also known for his boyish good looks, which were said to have prompted the Irish poet W. B. Yeats to describe him as "the handsomest young man in England.”

Early life Brooke's birthplace Brooke was born at 5 Hillmorton Road, Rugby, War...
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Rupert Brooke Poems

  • The Dance (a Song)
    As the Wind, and as the Wind,
    In a corner of the way,
    Goes stepping, stands twirling,
    Invisibly, comes whirling, ...
  • Retrospect (the South Seas)
    In your arms was still delight,
    Quiet as a street at night;
    And thoughts of you, I do remember,
    Were green leaves in a darkened chamber, ...
  • Tiare Tahiti (the South Seas)
    Mamua, when our laughter ends,
    And hearts and bodies, brown as white,
    Are dust about the doors of friends,
    Or scent ablowing down the night, ...
  • On The Death Of Smet-smet, The Hippopotamus-goddess - Song Of A Tribe Of The Ancient Egyptians
    (The Priests within the Temple)
    She was wrinkled and huge and hideous? She was our Mother.
    She was lustful and lewd? but a God; we had none other.
    In the day She was hidden and dumb, but at nightfall moaned in the shade; ...
  • It's Not Going To Happen Again
    I have known the most dear that is granted us here,
    More supreme than the gods know above,
    Like a star I was hurled through the sweet of the world,
    And the height and the light of it, Love. ...
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Love 77 I Love You 77 Night 63 Heart 56 Long 50 Light 49 White 48 Earth 46 God 43 Wind 42

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  • Arunkum38053152: now that we've done our best and worst, and parted, i would fill my mind with thoughts that will not rend (o ,heart ,i do not dare to go empty hearted ) i'll think of love in books, love without end... rupert brooke
  • War_poets: 19 october 1916 edward thomas writes to robert frost about rupert brooke ‘i think he succeeded in being youthful and yet intelligible and interesting (not only pathologically) more than most poets since shelley. but thought gave him (and me) indigestion’
  • Mistymisschrsty: clara ewald (october 22, 1859-january 15, 1948) was a german artist who worked primarily as a portraitist; her works are in several british public collections. her best-known work is perhaps the portrait of the poet rupert brooke.
  • War_poets: 21 october 1914 rupert brooke writes to katharine cox ‘there’s a lot of little things i’ve forgotten. (1)a little mirror to stand or hang. (2)a tin mug with a handle. (3)a collapsible aluminium cup. (4)toilet paper (5)a bit of sweet-scented soap.
  • Sffaudio: early 20th century poet, rupert brooke, wrote of his romance and enchantment with a tahitian woman in his heart and soul shattering poem tiare tahiti
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