Who is R. C. Lehmann

Rudolph Chambers "R.C." Lehmann (3 January 1856 – 22 January 1929) was an English writer and Liberal Party politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1906 to 1910. As a writer he was best known for three decades in which he was a major contributor to Punch as well as founding editor of Granta magazine.

Life and career

Lehmann was born in Ecclesall near Sheffield. His father was Augustus Frederick Lehmann, a merchant and steel manufacturer whose brothers Henri and Rudolf were both noted academic artists. His mother, Nina Chambers, was the daughter of the Scottish author and naturalist Robert Chambers. Their social circle included Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Robert Browning, Lord Leighton and other prominent figures.

Lehmann attended Highgate Sc...
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R. C. Lehmann Poems

  • The Dogs' Welcome
    Hush! We're not a pack of boys
    Always bound to make a noise.
    True, there's one amongst us, but
    He is young; ...
  • The Lean-to-shed

    I've a palace set in a garden fair,
    And, oh, but the flowers are rich and rare, ...
  • Ode To John Bradbury

    When the Red KAISER, swoll'n with impious pride
    And stuffed with texts to serve his instant need, ...
  • In Memoriam, Francis Cowley Burnand, 1836-1917, Editor Of "punch," 1880-1906
    Hail and Farewell, dear Brother of the Pen,
    Maker of sunshine for the minds of men,
    Lord of bright cheer and master of our hearts -
    What plaint is fit when such a friend departs? ...
  • To Flight-lieutenant Robinson, V.c
    You with the hawk's eyes and the nerves of steel,
    How was it with you when the hurried word
    Roused you and sent you swiftly forth to deal
    A blow for justice? Sure your pulses stirred, ...
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