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My Loving Heart

My loving heart..

Isn't it so rich n beautiful
It's warmth can melt candle wax
Maite Lemekwane

Maite Lemekwane
The Desire To Paint

Unhappy perhaps is the man, but happy the artist, who is torn with this desire.
I burn to paint a certain woman who has appeared to me so rarely, and so swiftly fled away, like some beautiful, regrettable thing the traveller must leave behind him in the night. It is already long since I saw her.
She is beautiful, and more than beautiful: she is overpowering. The colour black preponderates in her; all that she inspires is nocturnal and profound.
Her eyes are two caverns where mystery vaguely stirs and gleams; her glance illuminates like a ray of light; it is an explosion in the darkness.
Charles Baudelaire

Charles Baudelaire

The three stood listening to a fresh access
Of wind that caught against the house a moment,
Gulped snow, and then blew free again-the Coles
Dressed, but dishevelled from some hours of sleep,
Robert Frost

Robert Frost
Leaving You, Will Be A Mistake~

The tale full of darkness
You came and sparkled it with glitter's
In the mirror of your eyes,
She can see her beautiful features!
Karmanya Kaur

Karmanya Kaur
The Last Walk In Autumn

O'er the bare woods, whose outstretched hands
Plead with the leaden heavens in vain,
I see, beyond the valley lands,
John Greenleaf Whittier

John Greenleaf Whittier
Candy Man

Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew
Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two
The candy man, the candy man can
The candy man can 'cause he mixes it with love

Roald Dahl
Man Child

All day he lay upon the sand
When summer sun was bright,
And let the grains sift through his hand
With infantile delight;
Robert Service

Robert Service
The Wizard Way

[Dedicated to General J.C.F. Fuller]

Velvet soft the night-star glowed
Over the untrodden road,
Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley
The Heritage

Cry out on Time that he may take away
Your cold philosophies that give no hint
Of spirit-quickened flesh; fall down and pray
That Death come never with a face of flint:
Siegfried Sassoon

Siegfried Sassoon

From out the front of being, undefiled,
A life hath been upheaved with struggle and pain;
Safe in her arms a mother holds again
That dearest miracle--a new-born child.

Mathilde Blind
The Man Against The Sky

Between me and the sunset, like a dome
Against the glory of a world on fire,
Now burned a sudden hill,
Bleak, round, and high, by flame-lit height made higher,
Edwin Arlington Robinson

Edwin Arlington Robinson
Iris By Night

One misty evening, one another's guide,
We two were groping down a Malvern side
The last wet fields and dripping hedges home.
There came a moment of confusing lights,
Robert Frost

Robert Frost
A Home.

What is a home? A guarded space,
Wherein a few, unfairly blest,
Shall sit together, face to face,
And bask and purr and be at rest?

Susan Coolidge (sarah Chauncey Woolsey)
Cantiga De Santa Maria, No. 181

Pero que seja a gente
d'outra lei [e] descreuda,
os que a Virgen mais aman,
a esses ela ajuda.

Alfonso X El Sabio
Like Some Old Fashioned Miracle


Like Some Old fashioned Miracle
When Summertime is done-
Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson
Nature's Lesson

We traveled by a mountain's edge,
It was September calm and bright,
Nature had decked its rocky ledge
With flowers of varied hue and height.

Nannie R. Glass

My body crave for love
like a beautiful coloured dove
My heart yearn without end
and all years, I pretend
Ojingiri Hannah

Ojingiri Hannah

I LISTEN to the accents of the silver corded harp
And tho' aweary of the darts at me by malice hurl'd
Aflying goes life's shuttle and aflying woof and warpâ??
A renovated soul I seek to renovate the world.

Joseph Skipsey
Questions Of Life

A bending staff I would not break,
A feeble faith I would not shake,
Nor even rashly pluck away
The error which some truth may stay,
John Greenleaf Whittier

John Greenleaf Whittier

When first your glory shone upon my face
My body kindled to a mighty flame,
And burnt you yielding in my hot embrace
Until you swooned to love, breathing my name.

Claude Mckay

O KEEP the world forever at the dawn,
Ere yet the opals, cobweb-strung, have dried,
Ere yet too bounteous gifts have marred the morn
Or fading stars have died.

Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall

Along the avenue I pass
Huge piles of wood and stone,
And glance at each amorphous mass,
Whose cumbrous weight has crushed the grass,

Hattie Howard
The Song Of The Camp-fire

Heed me, feed me, I am hungry, I am red-tongued with desire;
Boughs of balsam, slabs of cedar, gummy fagots of the pine,
Heap them on me, let me hug them to my eager heart of fire,
Roaring, soaring up to heaven as a symbol and a sign.
Robert Service

Robert Service
The Song Maker

I made a hundred little songs
That told the joy and pain of love,
And sang them blithely, tho' I knew
No whit thereof.

Sara Teasdale
A Prologue

While to the clarion blown by Marlowe's breath
Tall Tragedy tramped by in hues of death,
And Shakespeare yet was tuning string by string,
With English hawthorn crowned, in that glad spring

John Le Gay Brereton

'Twas Jack-o'-Winter hailed it first,
But now more timid angels sing,
For what dull ear can fail to hear
Afar the fluting of the Spring?

John Le Gay Brereton
The Kid Around The Corner

There's a kid around the corner
Who is filled with half-formed fears;
He is growing rather wistful
As the Christmas season nears;

Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
The Fight With The Dragon

Why run the crowd? What means the throng
That rushes fast the streets along?
Can Rhodes a prey to flames, then, be?
In crowds they gather hastily,

Friedrich Schiller
A Forest Hymn

The groves were God's first temples. Ere man learned
To hew the shaft, and lay the architrave,
And spread the roof above them,-ere he framed
The lofty vault, to gather and roll back
William Cullen Bryant

William Cullen Bryant

Each time that I switch on the light
A Miracle it seems to me
That I should rediscover sight
And banish dark so utterly.

Robert William Service
The Rosebud

Queen of fragrance, lovely Rose,
The beauties of thy leaves disclose!
-But thou, fair Nymph, thyself survey
In this sweet offspring of a day.

William Broome

As I walk the misty hill
All is languid, fogged, and still;
Not a note of any bird
Nor any motion's hint is heard,

Robert Nichols

To my friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

He who could beard the lion in his lair,
Emma Lazarus

Emma Lazarus

To my mother. May, 1870.

The Landgrave Hermann held a gathering
Emma Lazarus

Emma Lazarus
First Child ... Second Child


Be it a girl, or one of the boys,
It is scarlet all over its avoirdupois,

Ogden Nash

When lion and lamb have together lain down
Spectators cry out, all in chorus;
'The lamb doesn't shrink nor the lion frown
A miracle's working before us!'

Ambrose Bierce

Descriptive of the miseries of War; from a Poem
called 'The Emigrants,' printed in 1793.
TO a wild mountain, whose bare summit hides
Its broken eminence in clouds; whose steeps

Charlotte Smith
A Lemon

Out of lemon flowers
on the moonlight, love's
lashed and insatiable
Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda
The Supports - (song Of The Avaiting Seraphs.)

!Full Chorus.
To Him Who bade the Heavens abide, yet cease not from their motion,
To Him Who tames the moonstruck tide twice a day round Ocean,
Let His Names be magnified in all poor folks' devotion!
Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling
To The Superior Animal

To sum up all, I'm old -- and that's
A fact the years decide;
It is a common thing with cats
And not a thing to hide.

Anna Laetitia Waring
To Television

Not a "window on the world"
But as we call you,
A box a tube


Robert Pinsky
A Soul Comes Into The World

Where the sun rise,
Where the sea kiss the sky,
Where the dawn showing at horizon,
There a soul comes into the world.
Cristina Teodor

Cristina Teodor
Love Inthron'd. Ode

Introth, I do my self perswade,
That the wilde boy is grown a man,
And all his childishnesse off laid,
Richard Lovelace

Richard Lovelace
Beauty, Time, And Love


Fair is my Love and cruel as she 's fair;
Her brow-shades frown, although her eyes are sunny.
Samuel Daniel

Samuel Daniel
Sonnet Xli: When Men Shall Find

When men shall find thy flower, thy glory pass,
And thou with carefull brow sitting alone,
Received hast this message from thy glass,
That tells thee truth, and says that all is gone,
Samuel Daniel

Samuel Daniel
The Wreck Of The Deutschland

To the
happy memory of five Franciscan Nuns
exiles by the Falk Laws
drowned between midnight and morning of
Gerard Manley Hopkins

Gerard Manley Hopkins
A Song Of Despair

The memory of you emerges from the night around me.
The river mingles its stubborn lament with the sea.

Deserted like the wharves at dawn.
Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda
Upon Her Alms

See how the poor do waiting stand
For the expansion of thy hand.
A wafer dol'd by thee will swell
Thousands to feed by miracle.

Robert Herrick
The Book Of Hours Of Sister Clotilde

The Bell in the convent tower swung.
High overhead the great sun hung,
A navel for the curving sky.
The air was a blue clarity.
Amy Lowell

Amy Lowell
Beneath A Photoraph

Phoebus, who taught me art divine,
Here tried his hand where I did mine;
And his white fingers in this face
Set my Fair's sigh-suggesting grace.
Francis Thompson

Francis Thompson