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Mathilde Blind (born Mathilda Cohen, 21 March 1841 in Mannheim, Germany, died 26 November 1896 in London), was a German-born English poet, fiction writer, biographer, essayist and literary critic. In the early 1870s she emerged as a pioneering female aesthete in a mostly male community of artists and writers, and by the late 1880s she had become a prominent voice and leader among New Woman writers, including Vernon Lee (Violet Paget), Amy Levy, Mona Caird, Olive Schreiner, Rosamund Marriott Watson, and Katharine Tynan. Her work was praised by Algernon Charles Swinburne, William Michael Rossetti, Amy Levy, Edith Nesbit, Arthur Symons and Arnold Bennett. Her widely discussed poem The Ascent of Man represents a distinctly feminist response to the Darwinian theory of evolution.
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Mathilde Blind Poems

  • Marriage
    LOVE springs as lightly from the human heart
    As springs the lovely rose upon the brier,
    Which turns the common hedge to floral fire,
    As Love wings Time with rosy-feathered dart. ...
  • The Moon Of Ramadân
    The sunset melts upon the Nile,
    The stony desert glows,
    Beneath heaven's universal smile,
    One burning damask rose; ...
  • Lines Ii
    THOU camest with the coming Spring!
    With swallows, and the murmuring
    Of unloosed waters, with the birth
    Of daisies dimpling the green earth. ...
  • As Many Stars
    AS many stars as are aglow
    Deep in the hollows of the night
    As many as the flowers that blow
    Beneath the kindling light; ...
  • The Dying Dragoman
    Far in the fiery wilderness,
    Beyond the town of Assouan,
    Left languishing in sore distress,
    There lay a dying Dragoman. ...
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Love 91 I Love You 91 Life 75 Heart 71 Light 69 Earth 56 Sun 55 Night 55 White 42 Moon 41

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  • Jkdiedrick: the uncollected works of mathilde blind has a new letters section. more to be added, but for now read her letters to lucy rossetti, lady wilde, and excerpts of letters from her 1873 tour of the hebrides:
  • Chawtonhouse: we know many of their stories well today, but imagine writing a biography in the victorian era: how would you pierce through sanitised family narratives? what sources could you use? mathilde blind begins her biography of george eliot by addressing these problems.
  • Hisflannelcure: normal people preparing for a blind date: omg what should i wear? castiel preparing for his blind date with dean in 04x01 : omg which human carcass should i wear?
  • Jkdiedrick: just submitted ms. of mathilde blind: selected fin-de-siècle poetry and prose for jewelled tortoise series. 3 full poetry volumes--the ascent of man, dramas in miniature, & birds of passage. also a critical introduction, notes, & contemporary reviews. see
  • Cailinceltic: then like a flame the crescent moon on high leaped forth among the planets; pure as they, earth vied in whiteness with the milky way: herself a star beneath the starry sky. a winter landscape -- mathilde blind images -google picfinder
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