Who is Robert William Service

poetRobert ServiceRobert W. Service, c. 1905Born(1874-01-16)January 16, 1874
Preston, Lancashire, EnglandDiedSeptember 11, 1958(1958-09-11) (aged 84)
Lancieux, Côtes-d'Armor, FranceResting placeLancieux, Côtes-d'Armor, Fr...
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Robert William Service Poems

  • Prelude: Ballads Of A Bohemian
    Alas! upon some starry height,
    The Gods of Excellence to please,
    This hand of mine will never smite
    The Harp of High Serenities. ...
  • L'envoi - Ballads Of A Bohemian
    We've finished up the filthy war;
    We've won what we were fighting for . . .
    (Or have we? I don't know).
    But anyway I have my wish: ...
  • The Bright Side
    Oh, one gets used to everything!
    I hum a merry song,
    And up the street and round the square
    I wheel my chair along; ...
  • L'envoi (songs Of A Sourdough)
    You who have lived in the Land,
    You who have trusted the trail;
    You who are strong to withstand,
    You who are swift to assail; ...
  • Rhymes Of A Rolling Stone - Prelude
    I sing no idle songs of dalliance days,
    No dreams Elysian inspire my rhyming;
    I have no Celia to enchant my lays,
    No pipes of Pan have set my heart to chiming. ...
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  • Stampsliverpool: william dockwra with his partner robert murray created the first penny post in london in 1680. the service worked on the basis that the one penny postage was paid when the letter was accepted into the delivery system. it worked so well that it got the attention of royalty.
  • Davidcranmerun1: shareholder and merged his material service corporation with gd in 1959. hale was married to the former virginia kingsbery, and the couple had at least three sons (twins robert allen hale and william hale, and timothy hale).hale became a federal bureau of investigation (fbi)
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  • Rfoxfire: invictus - poem by william ernest henley
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