Who is Robert William Service

poetRobert ServiceRobert W. Service, c. 1905Born(1874-01-16)January 16, 1874
Preston, Lancashire, EnglandDiedSeptember 11, 1958(1958-09-11) (aged 84)
Lancieux, Côtes-d'Armor, FranceResting placeLancieux, Côtes-d'Armor, Fr...
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Robert William Service Poems

  • Prelude: Ballads Of A Bohemian
    Alas! upon some starry height,
    The Gods of Excellence to please,
    This hand of mine will never smite
    The Harp of High Serenities. ...
  • L'envoi - Ballads Of A Bohemian
    We've finished up the filthy war;
    We've won what we were fighting for . . .
    (Or have we? I don't know).
    But anyway I have my wish: ...
  • The Bright Side
    Oh, one gets used to everything!
    I hum a merry song,
    And up the street and round the square
    I wheel my chair along; ...
  • L'envoi (songs Of A Sourdough)
    You who have lived in the Land,
    You who have trusted the trail;
    You who are strong to withstand,
    You who are swift to assail; ...
  • Rhymes Of A Rolling Stone - Prelude
    I sing no idle songs of dalliance days,
    No dreams Elysian inspire my rhyming;
    I have no Celia to enchant my lays,
    No pipes of Pan have set my heart to chiming. ...
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