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Joseph Skipsey (1832 – 1903) was a Northumberland born poet and songwriter in the middle and late 19th century. His best known work is arguably "The Hartley Calamity" about the Hartley Colliery Disaster, a devastating mining accident in Hartley, Northumberland, England in 1862 in which 204 lives were lost.

He was known as "The Pitman Poet".

Birth and early life Joseph Skipsey was born in Percy Village (generally known after the name of the colliery Percy Main), in the Parish of Tynemouth on 17 March 1832. His father Cuthbert, an overman at Percy Main Colliery, and mother, Isabella, had many children, of whom Joseph was the eighth.

Joseph Skipsey faced an early tragedy when his father, Cuthbert, was shot dead on 8 July 1832 in the ...
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Joseph Skipsey Poems

  • Uncle Bob
    OLD Uncle Bob lay on the settle,
    At eventide, while on the hob,
    'Roe-tee-riti-too' sang the kettle,
    And charmed the dear heart of old Bob. ...
  • My Loved One
    MY loved one appears
    In a vision by night,
    The loveliest jewel
    Ever gladdened the sight; ...
  • The Two-fold Suprise
    SHE snapt her fingers, on her heel,
    Her sweet boot-heel, she turned and left me;
    What did I feel?â??What could I feel,
    At what of paradise had reft me? ...
  • The Social Glass
    AIRâ??'Rossen the Beau.'

    COME fill up the glass, and tho' never ...
  • All Is Vanity
    FROM all that I have seen or heard
    This world, is but an empty show,
    And only can the heart afford
    What tends to bitter strife and woe; ...
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