Ojingiri Hannah Poems

  • 1.
    We are lease to earth
    With a document bind with life
    We live to die

  • 2.
    Rise! Negro from the west
    The time is here
    To conquer the Sphere
    Rise for your quest
  • 3.
    Our country is in a great solitude
    So quite like the grave yard
    The children are basking in their own tears
    Singing and dancing with a sore eyes
  • 4.
    I see rain of stars
    In green, white, blue
    I see a face mould in clay
    looking down from the sky
  • 5.
    Rapped at the edges of earth ends
    my prayers never seem to reach heaven
    where my father’s in spirit and soul lives
    The journey of trio, i run infinity
  • 6.
    Pain is not painful
    Until you fall in love
    That moment you feel
    a missing rib in your body
  • 7.
    There is one life
    There is one truth
    You are my angel
    But I fail to recognize you
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Life 4 Earth 4 Time 3 Soul 3 Heaven 2 Moment 2 Fate 2 Death 2 Feel 1 Freedom 1 Joy 1 Love 1 Pain 1 Water 1 I Love You 1 Dark 1 Real 1 Truth 1 Eternal 1 Void 1

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