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John Le Gay Brereton (sitting) with Henry Lawson in 1897. John Le Gay Brereton (2 September 1871 – 2 February 1933) was an Australian poet, critic and professor of English at the University of Sydney. He was the first president of the Fellowship of Australian Writers when it was formed in Sydney in 1928.

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John Le Gay Brereton Poems

  • Buffalo Creek
    A timid child with heart oppressed
    By images of sin,
    I slunk into the bush for rest,
    And found my fairy kin. ...
  • Hymn To The God Of War
    From every quarter we,
    Who bent the trembling knee
    And cowered or grovelled prostrate day and night,
    Now come once more to sing ...
  • The Grave
    In the grey dawn I lie within my bed
    Still as a frozen lake that pats no more
    With murmurous delight the o'erhanging shore,
    Yet grim thoughts heave obscurely in my head; ...
  • Microcosmography
    He looks beyond the veils of night and day;
    He hearkens in the silence, and has heard
    The ancient woods by dryad singing stirred,
    To mortal ears how thin and far away. ...
  • When My Time Is Come
    When my time is come to die,
    I would shun the decent gloom,
    Whispered word and weeping eye,
    Fitful hum of knowing fly ...
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  • Wherrypilgrim: australian poet john le gay brereton born 2 sept 1871. his powerful 5-line poem "light loss":
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