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  • The Philosopher's Oration: A Faun's Holiday
    Meanwhile, though nations in distress
    Cower at a comet's loveliness
    Shaken across the midnight sky;
    Though the wind roars, and Victory, ...
  • To
    Asleep within the deadest hour of night
    And turning with the earth, I was aware
    How suddenly the eastern curve was bright,
    As when the sun arises from his lair. ...
  • Address To The Sunset
    Exquisite stillness! What serenities
    Of earth and air! How bright atop the wall
    The stonecropâ??s fire and beyond the precipice
    How huge, how hushed the primrose evenfall! ...
  • The Pilgrim
    Put by the sun my joyful soul,
    We are for darkness that is whole;

    Put by the wine, now for long years ...
  • Farewell
    For the last time, maybe, upon the knoll
    I stand. The eve is golden, languid, sad.
    Day like a tragic actor plays his role
    To the last whispered word and falls gold-clad. ...
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  • Rdobbson1: the mysterious "joseph newton chandler iii", died 2002, has finally been identified...real name robert ivan nichols. knowing his real name, doesn't seem to have revealed anything about his life prior to stealing a dead boy's identity in 1978, however.
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  • Np_mat025: ✨cher✨ puede presumir de haber colaborado con directores de la talla de: - robert altman: come back to the five and dime, jimmy dean, jimmy dean (1982) / the player (1992) - mike nichols: silkwood (1983) - peter bogdanovich: mask (1985)
  • Wmnostalgiafest: may 21st in memoriam: mabel taliaferro, ralph sanford, sam jaffe, robert montgomery, dorothy tree, dandy nichols, dennis day, bill williams, raymond burr, anthony steel, peggy cass, rick jason, kay kendall, alice drummond, david groh, richard hatch, brent briscoe.
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