My loving heart..

Isn't it so rich n beautiful
It's warmth can melt candle wax
It's care can put a smile even on the dead
It's beauty attracts even the vultures
Even the wild wolf prey on it...
My loving heart

Should u not HV been this loving
U would HV been able to identify love
Cause you are love yourlf
Most times u taken for granted
Cause all u do is give love
You never even noticed tht u r drained
Until the very end of it all
My loving heart

Should it not be for u
My departed soul would have still be intact
Should it not be for soul would be dancing in joy
But you,you kept settling for less
You kept caring where u r not appreciated
Tht is the reason you bleed nonstop
My loving heart

Not tht u never saw from the start the grave u were capturing your soul in
You did, cz u love selfless u kept believing you will get love in return
You kept showering with gloom of love,warming up even hearts hard as stone
You thought u will be recognized
Little did u knw it was not your turn to rejoice
My loving heart

U bleeds uncontrollable without comfort
Cause where u seek comforts u are rejected
Where u once felt love
You are denied
Where u once pride yourslf
Your very same soul was killed
My loving heart

You now sing songs of prayer
Nyt n day hoping for miracle of restoration
Fighting for a lost battle
The more you chase,the harder it becomes to catch
The more u care the more the damage to your soul
My loving heart