Who is Friedrich Schiller

Friedrich SchillerPortrait of Schiller by Ludovike Simanowiz (1794)BornJohann Christoph Friedrich Schiller
(1759-11-10)10 November 1759
Marbach am Neckar, Duchy of Württemberg in the Holy Roman EmpireDied9 May 1805(1805-05-09) (aged 45)
Weimar, Duchy of Saxe-W...
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Friedrich Schiller Poems

  • Zenith And Nadir
    Wheresoever thou wanderest in space, thy Zenith and Nadir
    Unto the heavens knit thee, unto the axis of earth.
    Howsoever thou attest, let heaven be moved by thy purpose,
    Let the aim of thy deeds traverse the axis of earth!...
  • The Artifice
    Wouldst thou give pleasure at once to the children of earth and the righteous?
    Draw the image of lust adding the devil as well!

  • Hero And Leander. [34] A Ballad
    See you the towers, that, gray and old,
    Frown through the sunlight's liquid gold,
    Steep sternly fronting steep?
    The Hellespont beneath them swells, ...
  • Verses Written In The Album Of A Friend. (herr Von Mecheln Of Basle.)
    Nature in charms is exhaustless, in beauty ever reviving;
    And, like Nature, fair art is inexhaustible too.
    Hail, thou honored old man! for both in thy heart thou preservest
    Living sensations, and thus ne'er-ending youth is thy lot!...
  • Appendix Of Poems Etc. In Schiller's Dramatic Works

    The following variations appear in the first two verses of Hector's
    Farewell, as given in The Robbers, act ii. scene 2. ...
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Top 10 most used topics by Friedrich Schiller

Earth 72 Sweet 72 Bright 67 Life 62 Soul 61 Heart 58 World 52 High 51 Long 50 Never 49

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Comments about Friedrich Schiller

  • 3stoneentertain: our own heart, and not others'opinions of us, forms our true honor. -friedrich von schiller
  • Neilcgriffin: friedrich schiller used to keep rotting apples in his desk because the smell of them inspired him. i'm gonna try that too. sorry in advance to the entire uvic writing department!
  • Camilstoenescu: "the twentieth century - be embraced, you millions!" — cover of the austrian die muskete magazine (1916) showing the machine of war smothering the masses. "seid umschlungen, millionen!" is a quote from friedrich schiller's 'ode to joy'.
  • Sjcin2024: “live with thy century; but be not it’s creature; give to thy contemporaries what they require, not what they praise.” friedrich schiller (1759-1805) letter ix
  • Kristopherrey13: “ happy he who learns to bear what he cannot change” - friedrich schiller
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