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  • His Confession
    Look how our foul days do exceed our fair;
    And as our bad, more than our good works are,
    E'en so those lines, pen'd by my wanton wit,
    Treble the number of these good I've writ. ...
  • What God Is
    God is above the sphere of our esteem,
    And is the best known, not defining Him.

  • Love Me Little, Love Me Long
    You say, to me-wards your affection's strong;
    Pray love me little, so you love me long.
    Slowly goes far: the mean is best: desire,
    Grown violent, does either die or tire....
  • Health
    Health is no other, as the learned hold,
    But a just measure both of heat and cold.

  • Upon Brock. Epig
    To cleanse his eyes, Tom Brock makes much ado,
    But not his mouth, the fouler of the two.
    A clammy rheum makes loathsome both his eyes:
    His mouth, worse furr'd with oaths and blasphemies....
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  • Altmansiegel: troy lamarr chew ii textual relations, 2021 signed & dated on verso oil on panel 24 x 24 in "fair use: what's mine is yours" is on through august 27. learn more here:
  • Rajoyceucb: —robert herrick, “the argument of his book”
  • Gina67064162: when in hs-they made us read-to the virgins to make the most of time-by robert herrick-actually told the virgins to do it -really weird stuff schools taught then -& want to teach again with the never b4 heard of subject called critical race theory
  • Archibaldheath1: a neighbor’s granddaughter is visiting and departs later today. my daughter and her pals have been playing with her, but this morning they were fighting and i had to dispense some advice. it sounded much like robert herrick.
  • Takeyourlemons: "gather ye rosebuds while ye may old time is still a-flying; and this same flower that smiles today tomorrow will be dying" robert herrick
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