There's a kid around the corner
Who is filled with half-formed fears;
He is growing rather wistful
As the Christmas season nears;
For a hint has reached him lately
That has made him wonder greatly
If the jovial old Santa
Is as kind as he appears.

But the kid around the corner
Has strong faith in Santa Claus
Notwithstanding dread depression
And all economic laws.
Could we run this sad old earth right
Such a faith were all youth's birthright.
If you asked him why he holds it
He would answer 'Just because.'

There's a kid around the corner
Who will wake on Christmas morn
With his faith renewed in goodness,
Or, incredulous, forlorn,
With a child's trust sadly shaken . . .
Then how would we have him waken
In whose hands rests the miracle
Of Santa Claus reborn?