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  • Zacchaeus
    Jesus entered and passed through Jericho.-Luke 19:1-10.

    City of palms! whose ancient name...
  • Wealth
    He heapeth up riches and knoweth not who shall gather
    them.-Psalm 39:6.

  • They're Coming!
    They're coming! And it seems so long
    Since sadly autumn laid them low.
    They left us with the robin's song,
    They left us to the ice and snow....
  • The Travelers
    Away from the city, away from the crowd,
    Two comrades in sorrow traversed hill and dale;
    The gloom of their hearts did their faces enshroud,
    And clouds of distress only seemed to prevail....
  • The Sleet
    Regal the earth seems with diamonds today,
    Gemming all nature in blazing array;
    A picture more fairy-like never could be
    Than this wonderful icicle filigree....
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  • Ccarsonm3: always in our hearts... r.i.p. ms. nannie. we love you always!
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