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Portrait of author Don Marquis, taken sometime between 1910 and 1915 Donald Robert Perry Marquis (/ˈmɑːrkwɪs/ MAR-kwis; July 29, 1878, Walnut, Illinois – December 29, 1937, New York City) was a humorist, journalist, and author. He was variously a novelist, poet, newspaper columnist, and playwright. He is remembered best for creating the characters Archy and Mehitabel, supposed authors of humorous verse. During his lifetime he was equally famous for creating another fictitious character, "the Old Soa...
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Don Marquis Poems

  • Words Are Not Guns
    Put by the sword (a dreamer saith),
    The years of peace draw nigh!
    Already the millennial dawn
    Makes red the eastern sky!...
  • With The Submarines
    Above, the baffled twilight fails; beneath, the
    blind snakes creep;
    Beside us glides the charnel shark, our pilot
    through the deep;...
  • Visitors
    They haunt me, they tease me with hinted
    Withheld revelations,
    The songs that I may not utter;
    They lead me, they flatter, they woo me....
  • Unrest
    A fierce unrest seethes at the core
    Of all existing things:
    It was the eager wish to soar
    That gave the gods their wings....
  • To A Dancing Doll
    Formal, quaint, precise, and trim,
    You begin your steps demurely-
    There's a spirit almost prim
    In the feet that move so surely,...
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  • Leograndprince: men, it’s okay to quit on a female who’s not even trying. you deserve effort too! i don’t care if she got a kid, what goals she chasing, just like you have to multi-task so do these beloveds
  • Ingo_don: marquis of condorcet (17/9/1743–29/3/1794), french philosopher, mathematician. his ideas: support for a liberal economy, free+equal public instruction, constitutional government, equal rights for women+people of all races, are showing the ideals of enlightenment and -rationalism.
  • Jake_laughton: new contract. well done the bored. all the hippocrates can quite down now, we don’t wanna do a bury, just remember the richardson days please, he’ll come good, don’t forget marquis wasn’t prolific when he first signed
  • Addielucbot: 'come,' he says, eyes gone emerald with arrogant glee. 'i heard the marquis’s chef is one of the best in paris.' he offers her his arm, but she does not take it. 'you don’t really expect me to dine with you.'
  • Marquis__young: she don’t even pray for your well-being at night but she want you to open up your wallet for her be smart out here fellas
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