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  • To ----
    Lines written after a summer day's excursion.

    Fair Nature's priestesses! to whom, ...
  • To ------
    With a copy of Woolman's journal.

  • Toussaint L'ouverture
    'T was night. The tranquil moonlight smile
    With which Heaven dreams of Earth, shed down
    Its beauty on the Indian isle,
    On broad green field and white-walled town; ...
  • To James T. Fields
    On a blank leaf of "poems printed, not published.

    Well thought! who would not rather hear ...
  • The World's Convention Of The Friends Of Emancipation, Held In London In 1840
    Yes, let them gather! Summon forth
    The pledged philanthropy of Earth.
    From every land, whose hills have heard
    The bugle blast of Freedom waking; ...
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God 303 Love 264 I Love You 264 Life 260 Heart 247 Light 242 Long 225 Time 211 Good 200 Sweet 199

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  • Chikuwa100q_bot: 19. for all sad words of tongue and pen/ the saddest are those 'it might have been.' [john greenleaf whittier]
  • Holly_season: “of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, 'it might have been.” ~ john greenleaf whittier
  • Chikuwa100q_bot: 99. you don't always win/ your battles, but it's good to know you fought. [john greenleaf whittier]
  • Fernandoingles: “of all the words of tongue and pen there are no sadder words than ‘what might have been’...” -john greenleaf whittier-
  • Westwebcalendar: 7:00 pm: recitations from edgar allan poe and the fireside poets – a virtual event: join us for an evening of poetry and storytelling, as abner serd recites the works of poe, longfellow, oliver wendell holmes, john greenleaf whittier, and others. please…
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Were very useless, very vain.

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