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Love a thing so wonderful !
making life so beautiful !

No matter what the age be

Tobing Lego
Wormwood And Nightshade

The troubles of life are many,
The pleasures of life are few;
When we sat in the sunlight, Annie,
I dreamt that the skies were blue-

Adam Lindsay Gordon

The room is full of you!-As I came in
And closed the door behind me, all at once
A something in the air, intangible,
Yet stiff with meaning, struck my senses sick!-

Edna St. Vincent Millay

You left without a goodbye,
Leaving me to wait nearby,
Making me to wave at the passerby,
Maybe you will come by.

Abifarin Victoria
How Could You

The one I trusted with all my soul
How can you?
I trusted you,I loved you
I thought i knew you

Maite Lemekwane
Fighting My Satan

Fighting My Satan

Sometimes I seem to be normal outwardly,
It doesn’t mean that ‘I feel better’ inwardly

Mohammad Younus
Graduating From Childhood

I realized with trepidation
that you fast growing up.
Soon you, and many of your generation
will graduate from childhood

David Carolissen
Sooner Than A While!

When I first saw you,
I felt like I had known you forever.
That moment still flash-by my eyes,
Reminding me of your smile ever and ever.

Roshni Kumari

we are somewhat miles
still close
they cannot take decisions

Hunar Kalra

visible, but don't have face
many heads but zero brains

their job is to blow their discouraging beams

Yash Potbhare
You Will Soon Show Up

Have a look at what You already know.
About how much mess I swim in
In men's eyes.

Evans Owusu Kissi
I Want To Cry

I want to cry ...
I'm tired of life
Beginning it sound so lovely
I never thought I would be in such a catastrophe

Pulkit Sahu
Do I Love You?

I do not love you

So don't even try to think for a single moment that


Anchal Ashi Baniparsadh
We And They

Father and Mother, and Me,
Sister and Auntie say
All the people like us are We,
And every one else is They.

Rudyard Kipling
What Would Freud Say?

Wasn't on purpose that I drilled
through my finger or the nurse
laughed. She apologized
three times and gave me a shot

Bob Hicok
The Scholars

"Oh, show me how a rose can shut and be a bud again!"
Nay, watch my Lords of the Admiralty, for they have the work in train.
They have taken the men that were careless lads at Dartmouth in 'Fourteen
And entered them at the landward schools as though no war had been.

Rudyard Kipling
Ordinary Man

I have had dreams, I have set goals
Ive achieved some, had some dislodged and yet to achieve many.
I believe in myself, I believe in others
I know I’m not perfect, I don’t expect others to be either

Bhekisipho Nyathi
Magical Eraser

She wouldn't believe
This pencil has
A magical eraser.
She said I was a silly moo,

Shel Silverstein
The Sonnets Cxxxviii - When My Love Swears That She Is Made Of Truth

When my love swears that she is made of truth,
I do believe her though I know she lies,
That she might think me some untutor'd youth,
Unlearned in the world's false subtleties.

William Shakespeare
Michael: A Pastoral Poem

If from the public way you turn your steps
Up the tumultuous brook of Green-head Ghyll,
You will suppose that with an upright path
Your feet must struggle; in such bold ascent

William Wordsworth
There Was A Boy

There was a Boy; ye knew him well, ye cliffs
And islands of Winander! many a time,
At evening, when the earliest stars began
To move along the edges of the hills,

William Wordsworth
Your Poem

My poem may be yours indeed
In melody and tone,
If in its rhythm you can read
A music of your own;

Robert Service
Song Of Myself

I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

Walt Whitman
Almost Lost My Love.

Its a pretty day today, I love days like these because the cold soothing wind that blows is a reminder of you being by my side no matter what comes. The clouds that shelter me from the sun remind me of how the thought of you keeps all the dark memories away. The slight rain feels like your kisses filled with love and compassion making me sure of good and kindness in this world
But today isn't a pretty day although it's like the ones i look forward to the most, but just like most things i ruined it.
The clouds are darker than i remember and the thougts they bring darker still.
The slight rain mirrors my eyes and no matter how much the clouds and I cry we cant wash my guilt away.

Abeer Fatima
The Day Of Days

A year is filled with glad events:
The best is Christmas day,
But every holiday presents
Its special round of play,

Edgar Albert Guest
Sonnet 017: Who Will Believe My Verse In Time To Come

Who will believe my verse in time to come
If it were filled with your most high deserts?
Though yet heaven knows it is but as a tomb
Which hides your life, and shows not half your parts:

William Shakespeare
Love Whispers

The touch of your lips
The flow of your hips
The curvature of your bosom
The flawlessness of your bottom

Victoria Ayuma
All For Me

All for me the bumble-bee
Drones his song in the perfect weather;
And, just on purpose to sing to me,
Thrush and blue-bird came North together.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The Sail Of Dreams

You make me laugh, you make me cry,
You misjudged me but my soul can't die.
The Index of my finger falls on the guitar,
And the rhythm that came out makes me feel better.

Swarnadeep Dey Sarkar
Auguries Of Innocence

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.

William Blake
Zombie (reverse Poetry)

"A zombie is what I am.
I would be wrong to say
I can love again,


Noah Angelo Lb
Love Forever

Give me the support of living in your breath,
I am obsessed in the deep ocean of your eyes,
I got you that i believed is the God's support,
I have got the permission in my life,

Pallavi Deepchand
Note To Dad

There is a new one called Bob, or is it Rob.
His face is round just like a door knob.
He has a mop of hair that looks like a mob.
Although he is not, he acts like a snob.

Gabriel Mapati
My Lost Friend

I cannot say goodbye
Because I still need you
I know you will be back
Though it is hard to believe

Amoit Percis
Farewell, Ungrateful Traitor!

Farewell, ungrateful traitor!
Farewell, my perjur'd swain!
Let never injur'd woman
Believe a man again.

John Dryden
Dear Mama

Mama, Our teacher taught us A to Z
And Papa bought me a pen and paper
And our letter to you, papa's and mine
I write as my first test of writing

Lewis Wamwanda
Love Is The Most Important

It's sadness in the world, despair, pain,
Nothing is easy, nothing is certain,
Only the sea, the sun and the sky makes me happy and i think,
That's worthy to fight and for life to win.

Cristina Teodor
Why I'm Glad

I'M glad I have a wife at home
That's patient, kind and true;
I 'm glad a little tot of three
At home waits for me, too;

Edgar Albert Guest

When twenty-one I loved to dream,
And was to loafing well inclined;
Somehow I couldn't get up steam
To welcome work of any kind.

Robert Service
On Living


Living is no laughing matter:
you must live with great seriousness

Nazim Hikmet
Venus And Adonis

Even as the sun with purple-coloured face
Had ta'en his last leave of the weeping morn,
Rose-cheeked Adonis hied him to the chase;
Hunting he loved, but love he laughed to scorn.

William Shakespeare
The Divine Comedy By Dante: The Vision Of Hell, Or The Inferno: Canto Xix

Woe to thee, Simon Magus! woe to you,
His wretched followers! who the things of God,
Which should be wedded unto goodness, them,
Rapacious as ye are, do prostitute

Dante Alighieri
A Lyric Day

I deem that there are lyric days
So ripe with radiance and cheer,
So rich with gratitude and praise
That they enrapture all the year.

Robert Service
Body And Soul

Half-numb, guzzling bourbon and Coke from coffee mugs,
our fathers fall in love with their own stories, nuzzling
the facts but mauling the truth, and my friend's father begins
to lay out with the slow ease of a blues ballad a story

B H Fairchild
Little Squonk

I shame this face, i try to hide
Critics discussed that i can't fight,
Thus i believe them they right,
Mirrors talk back; they can't lie,

S. A. Marionette
Walt Whitman


And what I assume you shall assume;

Walt Whitman
The Philosopher

â??Those who speak know nothing;
Those who know are silent.�
These words, as I am told,
Were spoken by Lao Tzu.

Bai Juyi
Religio Laici

Dim, as the borrow'd beams of moon and stars
To lonely, weary, wand'ring travellers,
Is reason to the soul; and as on high,
Those rolling fires discover but the sky

John Dryden
An Inspiring Teacher (ms. Neetu Sharma)

A marvellous, awesome teacher,
With the most brilliant feature.
Love you to moon and back,
There is nothing you lack.

Priyadarshini Goel

Is connection,
someway related to affection?
We're good only till we see each other,
and then don't bother?

Saksham Srivastav