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I was once a glowing buzz, near, here, I am yet to be...
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  • Little Squonk
    I shame this face, i try to hide
    Critics discussed that i can't fight,
    Thus i believe them they right,
    Mirrors talk back; they can't lie, ...
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  • Our Threshold
    In paddle of thought,
    I have anchored
    Until the time is due.
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The joy of life is living it, or so it seems to me;
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In seeing wrongs and righting them, in dreaming splendid dreams,
Then toiling till the vision is as real as moving streams.
The happiest mortal on the earth is he who ends his day
By leaving better than he found to bloom along the way.
Were all things perfect here there would be naught for man to do;
If what is old were good enough we'd never need the new.

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