Fighting My Satan

Sometimes I seem to be normal outwardly,
It doesn’t mean that ‘I feel better’ inwardly
Sometimes the voices of my Satan overpower me,
Sometimes, the calls of my soul overwhelm me
Sometimes, satanic thoughts stir my mind
Sometimes, I control the snakes in my mind
Inside the closet of my tumultuous mind,
I partake in the battle between Adam and Satan
Horror movie scenes play out there,
In the winding streets of my mind
But I don't flinch, rather, I just stare;
Don’t doubt my ability to win the battle
On a daily basis, I am fighting my Satan
I go on inflicting pain upon my Satan
I am feeling better as I subdue my Satan
‘Feeling better’ must not mislead you to believe
That I have been able to kill my Satan
It simply means He has gone on a Holiday,
Rather, ‘feeling better’ means that I realise---
The battle between Adam and Satan never ends,
It continues till one breathes his last