It's sadness in the world, despair, pain,
Nothing is easy, nothing is certain,
Only the sea, the sun and the sky makes me happy and i think,
That's worthy to fight and for life to win.

Nothing is lost because i have lived one more day,
Was worth the effort to still make hopes,
In all that exists is a destiny,
That happens in the fated moment.

Don't despair, dont be afraid of,
Everything has a path and scope,
The answer will come when you'll need to know,
Only you need to hope, to believe and to love.

Because life without a dropp of hope,
Couldnt surpass the fear and the failure,
And only from it depends i guess
The peace, the balance and the success.

And from all these, love is the most important,
It gives us daily the power to live and fight
It is the life engine, the peace of the world,
It's the desire to be each moment alive.