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I am a simple student/human being very found of every kinds of Art...
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  • Before The Wedding
    Like a lightening, your love has struck me
    i think of you all the time my love
    I have been struck by the lightening of your love
    here comes your beloved ...
  • For The Sake Of Your Love
    For the sake of your love, I’ll give my life
    With a laugh, I’ll give up my faith
    I’ll give a new twist to what’s written in the stars
    In exchange for you ...
  • Breathe Slowly
    O beloved,
    come, let's do something,
    let's read the lines of our fate,
    come, let's do something. ...
  • O Heart Just Go To Hell
    where do I go from here,
    where do I hide?
    this half heart,
    where can I use it (that is, how do I love with it.) ...
  • Lost Without You
    As it something you do
    Am so lost Without you
    Baby i miss you
    So don"t go ...
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No dimness of eye, and no cheek hanging low,
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