There is a new one called Bob, or is it Rob.
His face is round just like a door knob.
He has a mop of hair that looks like a mob.
Although he is not, he acts like a snob.
Although mom denies it, he looks like a blob.

He is so strange he cant even change the bulb.
But strange is not the word cause I knew he was dumb.
Can you believe yesterday he ran from a clob?
I thought mom had better taste, but I think she's just bad.
If only you were here you would laugh your sides numb.

He tries to do a lot but he just fails to inspire.
At church you wont believe he is actually an Usher.
I see glimpses of u but he is still afar.
If only he stopped being you I think he'd do better.
He tries to impress me but he just fails to deliver.
He even cooked for me, but i''m allergic to pasta.

He loves his soda, but he's prone to shiver.
Its not a secret cause he always has clothes under.
His chin is funny, good thing he's a shaver.
But he's nothing close to being an achiever.
Believe me, he's a lot to laugh over.

Talking alone, in whispers he will murmur.
Sometimes I believe he's a spirit from under.
He's always with a marker yet he's not even a teacher.
Oh, father, if you were here your eyes would suffer.