Who is Bai Juyi

Bai JuyiPortrait of Bai Juyi by Chen HongshouBorn772
Taiyuan, Shanxi, ChinaDied846
Xiangshan Temple, Longmen (Luoyang), Henan, ChinaOccupationPoet, Government officialChildrenBai Acui (son)Relati...
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Bai Juyi Poems

  • The Beginning Of Summer
    At the rise of summer a hundred beasts and trees
    Join in gladness that the season bids them thrive.
    Stags and does frolic in the deep woods;
    Snakes and insects are pleased by the rank grass....
  • Resignation
    Don't think of the past;
    It only awakens painful regrets.
    Don't think of the future;
    It paralyzes with uncertain longings. ...
  • Flower No Flower
    Flower no flower
    mist no mist

    arrives at midnight ...
  • After Lunch
    After eating lunch, I feel so sleepy.
    Waking later, I sip two bowls of tea,

    then notice shadows aslant, the sun ...
  • Thinking Of The Past
    In an idle hour I thought of former days;
    And former friends seemed to be standing in the room.
    And then I wondered 'Where are they now?'
    Like fallen leaves they have tumbled to the Nether Springs. ...
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Comments about Bai Juyi

  • Medievalchina: according to some highly placed sources on this day (feb 28) in 701 and 772 ce, respectively—that is, 1320 and 1249 years ago—the great tang poets li bai/li tai-po 李(太)白 (701–62), wang wei 王維 (701–61), and bai juyi/po chü-i 白居易 (772–846) were born.
  • Poemtoday: bai juyi and stevie smith....
  • Poemtoday: poem in depression, at wei village [a.d. 812] i hug my pillow and do not speak a word; in my empty room no sound stirs. who knows that, all day a-bed, i am not ill and am not even asleep? bai juyi (772-846) translated from the chinese by arthur waley
  • Michael49870186: dreaming of the southern shore - by bai juyi
  • Joeyangel_love: those who speak do not know, those who know are silent, i heard this saying from the old gentleman. if the old gentleman was one who knew the way, why did he feel able to write five thousand words? bai juyi, “reading laozi”
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