Mama, Our teacher taught us A to Z
And Papa bought me a pen and paper
And our letter to you, papa's and mine
I write as my first test of writing

Mama, papa says that I've grown fat
But guess what! I think i could be fatter with you here
But it's a pity you ain't here, and that feels my heart with pain
And my eyes to over flood with tears

Mama, even though I'm not old enough
But I am older enough to know
And understand that since you left Us,
Papa and I, you will never come back
And sometimes, I find papa crying in his bedroom

Mama, This is a secret between me and you
Since you left, Papa calls me "mama do this, mama do that,"
And I smile a lot, for it reminds me when you were here
And used to tell me the same, "mama do this, mama do this"

But mama, I know papa said that you won't come back
But believe me mama, if you read this letter
And knew how People came home weeks after you left
And dug a big hole in front of our small hut
And brought a big black box, with a lady just like you inside it
I believe you will come.

Mama, at first I thought that it was you
But then I remembered that you had know white clothes,
And unlike you, the lady couldn't speak
Even when I tried to call her
Mama, I laughed as she was put in the hole
Then I saw papa cry, and until date I wonder why

Mama, I wish you were here to see
Sometimes, when papa is not around
I take a spade and hoe, and try to dig the mound
And when you come, mama
I know you will help me dig up the hole
And take the lady out.

Mama, papa has made me porridge
And I have to take it hot
Before doing my Homework
And later go to sleep
Mama, until you come, I will still be waiting
I love you, Papa loves you, we love you mama

©Lewis Wamwanda