This is my letter,
To you whom I loved,
Not long enough nor
Short enough, it's
Just enough for you.
Not sweet or bitter,
Neither is it sour,
It's just what my heart
Is saying to you whom I loved,
The love that's still alive,
The love that hatred can't kill,
The love that'll forever reign,
To you whom I loved.

You said you can't live
Without me,
But now you're breathing,
You said your eyes can't blink
Without me,
On them I see more pictures,
You said you can't eat
Without me,
And now your arms are
On the dining tables, washed,
You said you can't sleep
Without me,
But your bed is well vanished,
Your head on it,
You can without me.

You cheated and made me
Believe in your sweet lies,
I loved the way your
Lips lied to me,
They were sweet and enticing,
You dragged me onto loving
You to the deeper end,
The feeling rubbed off
The bitterness in my heart,
But then,
I didn't know I was boarding
A place of death,
A flight that'll land me
In an island of pain, in tears,
You can without me.

We spent nights of cuddles,
Cuddles that made me sleep light
Like a new born baby,
They comforted me all days,
And my love grew with
Every cuddle a day,
My heart lit candles that
Brightened the look on my face,
It never seemed to go off,
But you splashed it off,
You dared hit my heart with a hammer,
Broke it into many small pieces,
Now they're scattered,
Nobody can gather them
Back together,
You can without me.

My face is always wet,
Flooded with tears of pain,
My eyes soaked in sourness,
My heart still in pieces, scattered,
My head in pain, headaches,
I just can't live without you,
I'm dead inside,
I was long burried,
None can resurrect me
If not you,
I can't take a step ahead
Without you,
The pieces of my heart,
They're scattered, come gather them,
The sword you pierced left a wound,
That'll never heal if not
Not for your nursing, it's bleeding,
I can't but you can without me.