Who is Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy

Count Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy (Russian: Граф Алексе́й Константи́нович Толсто́й; September 5 [O.S. August 24] 1817 – October 10 [O.S. September 28] 1875), often referred to as A. K. Tolstoy, was a Russian poet, novelist, and playwright. He is considered to be the most important nineteenth-century Russian historical dramatist, primarily on account of the strength of his dramatic trilogy The Death of Ivan the Terrible (1866), Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich (1868), and Tsar Boris (1870). He also gained fame for his satirical works, published under his own name (History of the Russian State from Gostomysl to Timashev, The Dream of Councillor Popov) and under the collaborational pen name of Kozma Prutkov. His fictional works include the novella The Family of ...
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Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy Poems

  • My Little Almond Tree
    My little almond tree
    Is gay with gleaming bloom,
    My heart unwillingly
    Puts forth its buds of gloom. ...
  • Autumn
    Autumn 'tis! Our garden stands
    Flowerless and bare,
    Dizzy whirling yellow leaves
    Fill the wind swept air. ...
  • Love's Ebb And Flow
    Believe me not, dear, when in hours of anguish
    I say my love for thee exists no more.
    At ebb of tide, think not the sea is faithless;
    It will return with love unto the shore. ...
  • Russia, O My Russia, Hail!
    Russia, O my Russia, hail!
    Steeds as tempests flying,
    Howling of the distant wolves,
    Eagles high, shrill crying! ...
  • If Only I Had Known
    If only I had known, had realised,
    I would not have looked out of the window
    as the dashing young man
    rode along our street, ...
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I Love You 4 Love 4 Dear 3 Sea 3 Believe 3 Shore 3 Freedom 3 Mountain 2 Away 2 Red 2

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Poemakontsa: the other tolstoy, though: aleksey konstantinovich tolstoy
Toiletguru: aleksey konstantinovich tolstoy, who died otd in 1875, was considered to be the most important 19th-century russian historical dramatist; he was the 2nd cousin of leo tolstoy
Culturaltutor: tchaikovsky's "autumn song", composed in 1876, is also filled with a mixture of richness and mellowness. these were the lines attached to its publication: autumn, our poor garden is all falling down, the yellowed leaves are flying in the wind. ~aleksey konstantinovich tolstoy
Book_addict: happy birthday to russian writer/poet/playwright aleksey konstantinovich tolstoy (september 5,1817), author of "the vampire" (1841) et al.
Bryonyseries: when the church-village slumbers and the last songs are sung, when the grey mist arising, is o'er the marshes hung, 'tis then the woods forsaking, their way cross country taking, nine howling wolves come. "the wolves" by aleksey konstantinovich tolstoy
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