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Abifarin, Victoria Mofoluwasho is a young, up coming writer. She graduated from Queen Elizabeth School, Ilorin and she is presently undergoing an undergraduate program in computer science at the University of jos. She finds it easy to put are emotions and ideas about young adult, social vices and life into writings. She once said "After God, Writing is my safest zone". Victoria is this artist you should look out for due to her careful but straight, twisted but clear artistic ways of putting words together. She is also a natural singer and an aspiring model. ...
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Abifarin Victoria Poems

  • Silly
    I think am drifting slowly,
    You make me really tipsy,
    This is an untold story,
    In it, I might look silly....
  • Sun And Dawn
    We were like the sea and the shore
    Teasing and soothing each other
    Despite the tides we were always fine
    But now the dark is between us ...
  • A Secret Lover
    By the moon we stay
    Just fixing our gaze
    Smiling at the dark
    While counting the stars ...
  • A Fantasy, A Dream
    I saw you today,
    Just by the way,
    I wish you could stay,
    So that we can grab a tray. ...
  • Teen
    Being a teen is hard
    You cry alot
    You smile at things that ain't
    But the things that seem to be real ...
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Abifarin Victoria Quotes

  • Just like the oceans we move with different tides But when we are together The world feels right
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