Abifarin Victoria Poems

  • 1.  
    We were like the sea and the shore
    Teasing and soothing each other
    Despite the tides we were always fine
    But now the dark is between us
  • 2.  
    By the moon we stay
    Just fixing our gaze
    Smiling at the dark
    While counting the stars
  • 3.  
    We live in a world where nudity is an "art"
    All our clothes has lost their hope
    Sex tapes seems like a normal play
    And big ass now reigns
  • 4.  
    You said you are loving yourself
    But then you are killing yourself
    You said you are slaying
    But then you are stripping
  • 5.  
    I saw you today,
    Just by the way,
    I wish you could stay,
    So that we can grab a tray.
  • 6.  
    Being a teen is hard
    You cry alot
    You smile at things that ain't
    But the things that seem to be real
  • 7.  
    You left without a goodbye,
    Leaving me to wait nearby,
    Making me to wave at the passerby,
    Maybe you will come by.
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