The one I trusted with all my soul
How can you?
I trusted you,I loved you
I thought i knew you
Yet to find your true identity
How could you do this to me

As I fell out of shock
My eyes went blind
My heart stopped beating
My knees shrink
As I lean on the wall for support
The one I love has wounded me

How can you?
How can you break promises of love you made to me?
How can you forget me? Us?
How can u let go of us
You were my universe
My little paradise on earth
My soul mate

That vanished in seconds
As I saw her lying on our bed
On your chest
While I was out building our tomorrow
My eyes couldn't believe
My idol has found comfort in another
My mouth ran dry
From the surprises of the morning
How could you

How can you share your dreams with me
Yet you shared your love with her
My heart was beating for you
While yours was beating thousands miles for her
How could you

The love i gave
Never made sense in your world
Yet u held me and said you loved me
I never fitted in your world
Yet you said I was your all
You lied to my heart
You lied to my soul
How can you?