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My name is Cristina Teodor. I adore poetry and i like so much to express myself through poems.It is nice for me to read poems, to compose or to share my ideas with people.I also like to draw and to do oil paintings, bring me happiness.In order to improve my poems do not hesitate to comment and to tell me what do you feel reading my poems, and to share your opinion with me.Thank you for stopping by....
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  • A Tender Morning
    The morning is so tender with me,
    The sun beams are caressing my face,
    I opened my eyes in dawn bells chant,
    The wheel of life turns, enchanting my being....
  • You Walked Away
    My thoughts are running crazy through my mind,
    Reaching the open sky and stars,
    No one is there to share my sorrows,
    You walked away, you walked away....
  • A Pledge To You
    Night came in its magic,
    The candles flare in fading light,
    Your arms wrapped me in your warmth,
    In soft whispers our lips kissed....
  • Sailing In The Depths Of Your Eyes
    When u look at me, your eyes are shinning,
    I see the sparkle of happiness in their glow,
    I want to sink in the depths of your eyes,
    And lose myself in the infinite love you hold....
  • White Chocolate
    White chocolate when i taste it,
    It makes me think of you,
    It's melting upon my tongue gently,
    And remembers me of your sensual lips....
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Deelisterphotos: 'i am barefoot walking in the grass of morning, the dew drops are comforting my feet' excerpt from a poem by cristina teodor (see link below)
Fannyfarina_: when i feel the rain, i live by cristina teodor outside it's raining and i'm watching at my window, in silence of the world, only the dance of rain i could feel, my thoughts are in torment of questions and answers, only the rain knows what i need.
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Robert Sineath : Really enjoy reading poetry that makes my heart soar to heights unknown, the best part is sharing your poems with my Dearest
. Your poems spark my imagination and help to compose poems that have that raw untapped energy of love held so dormant until we meet our dream come true and state how we feel. Thank you, keep inspiring us with your magical talents.
George Opila: Very good idea from christina. add more effort.

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