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Michael: A Pastoral Poem

If from the public way you turn your steps
Up the tumultuous brook of Green-head Ghyll,
You will suppose that with an upright path
Your feet must struggle; in such bold ascent

William Wordsworth
Guessing Time

It's guessing time at our house; every evening after tea
We start guessing what old Santa's going to leave us on our tree.
Everyone of us holds secrets that the others try to steal,
And that eyes and lips are plainly having trouble to conceal.

Edgar Albert Guest
A Stone For A Heart

The Broken and The Hurt
Walking in the pavements
The whole body shakin'
Eyes in undecided movements

Demetrius White
Morning Express

Along the wind-swept platform, pinched and white,
The travellers stand in pools of wintry light,
Offering themselves to morn's long, slanting arrows.
The train's due; porters trundle laden barrows.

Siegfried Sassoon

Listen O! devotees of terror,
The priest of fear, distress and weeping.
Do you know
Those who have the ability to destroy your terror's empire, the eater of your terror's empire.

Murari Lal

The truth sang melodiously to my open deaf ears,
But I stiffened, to the grunts of my repellent pride,
In tunes of ignorance I danced, but in penitential tears,
The truth sang melodiously to my open deaf ears,

Chibueze Osukwu
Ad Finem.

On the white throat of the' useless passion
That scorched my soul with its burning breath
I clutched my fingers in murderous fashion,
And gathered them close in a grip of death;

Ella Wheeler Wilcox
A Code Of Morals

Now Jones had left his new-wed bride to keep his house in order,
And hied away to the Hurrum Hills above the Afghan border,
To sit on a rock with a heliograph; but ere he left he taught
His wife the working of the Code that sets the miles at naught.

Rudyard Kipling
Little Ballads Of Timely Warning; Ii:

Little Ballads Of Timely Warning; II: On Malicious Cruelty To Harmless Creatures
The cruelty of P. L. Brownâ??
(He had ten toes as good as mine)
Was known to every one in town,

Ellis Parker Butler
My Neighbors

To rest my fagged brain now and then,
When wearied of my proper labors,
I lay aside my lagging pen
And get to thinking on my neighbors;

Robert Service
A Tryst

From out the desolation of the North
An iceberg took it away,
From its detaining comrades breaking forth,
And traveling night and day.

Celia Thaxter

Trees in groves,
Kine in droves,
In ocean sport the scaly herds,
Wedge-like cleave the air the birds,

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Sin, Death

Sin and Death, those sisters two,
Two, two,
Sat together while dawned the morning.
Sister, marry! Your house will do,

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
The Outcast


Far, far away, where sunsets weave
Their golden tissues o'er the scene,

Sam G. Goodrich
Introduction: Pippa Passes

New Year's Day at Asolo in the Trevisan


Robert Browning
The Westmoreland Girl - To My Grandchildren


Seek who will delight in fable
I shall tell you truth. A Lamb

William Wordsworth

The prayers are o'er: why slumberest thou so long,
Thou voice of sacred song?
Why swell'st thou not, like breeze from mountain cave,
High o'er the echoing nave,

John Keble
The Vanities Of Life

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.--_Solomon_

What are life's joys and gains?
What pleasures crowd its ways,

John Clare
Ode To Evening

If aught of oaten stop or pastoral song
May hope, chaste Eve, to soothe thy modest ear,
Like thy own solemn springs,
Thy springs, and dying gales,

William Collins

MY OWN WILD BURNS! these rude-wrought rhymes of thine
In golden worth are like the unshapely coin
Of some new realm, yet pure as from the mineâ??
And Art may well be spared with such alloy

Charles Harpur
The Word

Voice of the Holy Spirit, making known
Man to himself, a witness swift and sure,
Warning, approving, true and wise and pure,
Counsel and guidance that misleadeth none!

John Greenleaf Whittier
Barbara Allen's Cruelty

In Scarlet towne, where I was borne,
There was a faire maid dwellin,
Made every youth crye, wel-awaye!
Her name was Barbara Allen.

Thomas Percy
The Stormy Petrel

A THOUSAND miles from land are we,
Tossing about on the roaring sea;
From billow to bounding billow cast,
Like fleecy snow on the stormy blast:

Barry Cornwall

Does death cleanse the stains of the spirit
When sundered at last from the clay,
Or keep we thereafter till judgment,
Desires that on earth had their way?

John Campbell
A Basket Of Flowers, From Dawn To Dusk


On skies still and starlit

Adam Lindsay Gordon
The Hermit

Far in a wild, unknown to public view,
From youth to age a rev'rend hermit grew;
The moss his bed, the cave his humble cell,
His food the fruits, his drink the crystal well:

Thomas Parnell
The Altar

Alone, remote, nor witting where I went,
I found an altar builded in a dream-
A fiery place, whereof there was a gleam
So swift, so searching, and so eloquent

Edwin Arlington Robinson
The Reprieve

A MOMENT since, he stood unmoved--alone;
Courage and thought on his resolvēd brow;
But hope is quivering in the broken tone,
Whose bitter anguish seems to shake him now:

Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
Cassandra Southwick

To the God of all sure mercies let my blessing rise today,
From the scoffer and the cruel He hath plucked the spoil away;
Yes, he who cooled the furnace around the faithful three,
And tamed the Chaldean lions, hath set His handmaid free!

John Greenleaf Whittier
Frank Gardiner

Oh Frank Gardiner is caught at last and lies in Sydney jail,
For wounding Sergeant Middleton and robbing the Mudgee mail.
For plundering of the gold escort, the Carcoar mail also;
And it was for gold he made so bold, and not so long ago.

Anonymous Oceania
Meg's Curse

The sun rode high in a cloudless sky
Of a perfect summer morn.
She stood and gazed out into the street,
And wondered why she was born.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Questions Of Life

A bending staff I would not break,
A feeble faith I would not shake,
Nor even rashly pluck away
The error which some truth may stay,

John Greenleaf Whittier
On The Portrait Of Two Beautiful Young People

A Brother and Sister

O I admire and sorrow! The heart's eye grieves
Discovering you, dark tramplers, tyrant years.

Gerard Manley Hopkins
Mc’clusky’s Nell

In Mike Maloney's Nugget bar the hooch was flowin' free,
An' One-eyed Mike was shakin' dice wi' Montreal Maree,
An roarin' rageful warning when the boys got overwild,
When peekin' through the double door he spied a tiny child.

Robert Service
Christmas Eve


Out of the little chapel I burst
Into the fresh night-air again.

Robert Browning
Thief In The Night

Last night a thief came to me
And struck at me with something dark.
I cried, but no one could hear me,
I lay dumb and stark.

D. H. Lawrence

Beauty calls and gives no warning,
Shadows rise and wander on the day.
In the twilight, in the quiet evening,
We shall rise and smile and go away.

Ridgely Torrence
Autumn Iii

The Autumn is old,
The sere leaves are flying;â??
He hath gather'd up gold,
And now he is dying;â??

Thomas Hood
The Mob

Why stand dumbfounded and aghast,
As at invading armies sweeping by,
Surprised by haggard face and threatening cry,
The storm unheralded, that rose so fast?

Ada Cambridge
Strip Teaser

My precious grand-child, aged two,
Is eager to unlace one shoe,
And then the other;
Her cotton socks she'll deftly doff

Robert Service
An Inspiration

However the battle is ended,
Though proudly the victor comes
With fluttering flags and prancing nags
And echoing roll of drums.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox
A Broken Sword.

(To A. L.)

The shopman shambled from the doorway out

Henry Austin Dobson

Poor Esau repented too late
That once he his birth-right despised;
And sold, for a morsel of meat,
What could not too highly be prized:

John Newton
The Voices In The Night

I am the Raven con
of the world spirit
of blood and mire;
signal to the death,

Joseph Mayo Wristen

rackish water,
held together by mangrave roots
that bear while living oysters in clusters,
and when dead strew white swamps with skeletons,

Elizabeth Bishop
On The Death Of The Rev. Dr. Sewell, 1769

Ere yet the morn its lovely blushes spread,
See Sewell number'd with the happy dead.
Hail, holy man, arriv'd th' immortal shore,
Though we shall hear thy warning voice no more.

Phillis Wheatley
Injustice Of The Courts

Whites alone upon the jury in a number of the states,
Thus they crush a helpless Negro with their prejudicial hates;
Legal ills they thrust upon him, and the tale is passing sadâ??
Equal rights with white men? Never! Color-phobia makes them mad.

Lizelia Augusta Jenkins Moorer
Arnold, Master Of The Scud

There's a schooner out from Kingsport,
Through the morning's dazzle-gleam,
Snoring down the Bay of Fundy
With a norther on her beam.

Bliss Carman (william)
Here Died

There's many a schoolboy's bat and ball that are gathering dust at home,
For he hears a voice in the future call, and he trains for the war to come;
A serious light in his eyes is seen as he comes from the schoolhouse gate;
He keeps his kit and his rifle clean, and he sees that his back is straight.

Henry Lawson
The Tale Of The Tiger Tree

A Fantasy, dedicated to the little poet Alice Oliver
Henderson, ten years old.

The Fantasy shows how tiger-hearts are the cause of war in

Vachel Lindsay