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  • The Port Phillip Patriot
    Oh, what a wretched, loathsome, thing am I,
    Too horrible for earth, or the pure heaven,
    Or the bright stars, or the blue smiling sky,--
    To look upon again. ...
  • Frank Gardiner
    Oh Frank Gardiner is caught at last and lies in Sydney jail,
    For wounding Sergeant Middleton and robbing the Mudgee mail.
    For plundering of the gold escort, the Carcoar mail also;
    And it was for gold he made so bold, and not so long ago. ...
  • Botany Bay
    Farewell to old England for ever,
    Farewell to my rum culls as well,
    Farewell to the well-known Old Bailey.
    Where I used for to cut such a swell. ...
  • On The Road To Gundagai
    Oh, we started down from Roto when the sheds had all cut out.
    We'd whips and whips of Rhino as we meant to push about,
    So we humped our blues serenely and made for Sydney town,
    With a three-spot cheque between us, as wanted knocking down. ...
  • The Wild Colonial Boy
    'Tis of a wild Colonial Boy, Jack Doolan was his name,
    Of poor but honest parents he was born in Castlemaine.
    He was his father's only hope, his mother's pride and joy,
    And dearly did his parents love the wild Colonial Boy. ...
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Waodao_ai: 5. oceania an amateur gold digger in australia has found a 4.6kg rock containing gold worth a$240,000 using a budget metal detector. the man, who has chosen to remain anonymous, made the discovery in victoria's goldfields..
Jorge63598055: 2006-counting crows-'new amsterdam:live at heineken music hall' 2007-art brut-'it's a bit complicated' 2007-tomahawk-'anonymous' 2012-the smashing pumpkins-'oceania' 2012-lita ford-'living like a runaway'(ee.uu.) 2020-lamb of god(homónimo)
Chevalialward: 1. section-9 (beyond) apocalyptic-fiction. somehow inspired by nordic myth 2. abyssal flower greek mytho-based 3. oceania atlantis 4. hominum flos post-beyond, tentang flower nymph 5. pastika parama indo-mytho/legends based 6. anonymous fiction (connected to beyond)
Watchingthewea1: they tell us the buyers will be anonymous but he's going to meet with them. they don't even try to hide their corruption anymore. oceania had always been at war with eastasia.
Docdeathcore_: definitive stray ranking make your own history internal atomics subliminal criminals rising sun only death villains anonymous our oceania
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The Thrill came slowly like a Boom for
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In sumptuous solitude-
The desolations only missed
While Rapture changed its Dress

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