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This article is about the poet. For the scientist, see Thomas Parnell (scientist). Thomas Parnell Thomas Parnell (11 September 1679 – 24 October 1718) was an Anglo-Irish poet and clergyman who was a friend of both Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift.

He was the son of Thomas Parnell of Maryborough, Queen's County (now Port Laoise, County Laoise), a prosperous landowner who had been a loyal supporter of Cro...
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Thomas Parnell Poems

  • The Book-worm
    Come hither, Boy, we'll hunt to Day
    The Book-Worm, ravening Beast of Prey,
    Produc'd by Parent Earth, at odds
    (As Fame reports it) with the Gods. ...
  • A Fairy Tale In The Ancient English Style
    In Britain's Isle and Arthur's days,
    When Midnight Faeries daunc'd the Maze,
    Liv'd Edwin of the Green;
    Edwin, I wis, a gentle Youth, ...
  • On A Lady With A Foul Breath
    Art thou alive? It cannot be,
    There's so much Rottenness in Thee,
    Corruption only is in Death;
    And what's more Putrid than thy Breath? ...
  • Hark The Thundring Drums Inviting
    Hark the thundring Drums inviting
    All our forward youth to arms
    Hark the trumpets sounds exciting
    Manly Soules with fierce alarms ...
  • Now Kind Now Coy Wth How Much Change
    Now kind now coy wth how much change
    You feed my fierce desire
    As if to more extravagance
    Youd manage up the fire ...
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Love 64 I Love You 64 Great 49 Soul 47 Mind 43 Rise 42 God 42 Long 36 Light 36 Life 34

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  • Benfynyn: venom painting in 5 mins! by patrick thomas parnell
  • Yukinivris: "let those love now who never loved before; let those who always loved, now love the more." ~ thomas parnell
  • Karjonhongkong: "let those love now who never loved before; let those who always loved, now love the more." ~ thomas parnell joy karjon onmbxshowtimeu karjon onmbxshowtimeu
  • Photosofdublin: andy fletcher from the depeche mode at the welcome inn, parnell street. 1983
  • Zenon71215238: i imagine the average irish student wouldn't be able to point out who thomas davis or arthur griffith or charles stewart parnell are on a picture if you held one of them in front of their face.
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