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  • The Bonny Earl Of Murray
    Ye highlands, and ye lawlands,
    Oh! whair hae ye been?
    They hae slaine the earl of Murray,
    And hae layd him on the green. ...
  • Edward, Edward
    Why dois your brand sae drap wi' bluid,
    Edward, Edward?
    Why dois your brand sae drap wi' bluid?
    And why sae sad gang ye, O? ...
  • The Boy And The Mantle
    In the third day of May,
    To Carleile did come
    A kind curteous child,
    That cold much of wisdome. ...
  • Sir Lancelot Du Lake

  • King Ryence's Challenge
    As it fell out on a Pentecost day,
    King Arthur at Camelot kept his court royall,
    With his faire queene dame Guenever the gay,
    And many bold barons sitting in hall,...
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  • Tankncam: sooty but special, i got to see thomas after all. as well as percy
  • Luca_dollar: percy (thomas & friends) i’m still sad on how his character went downhill since season 19
  • Vinny995: percy vs perc! all percy race! thomas and friends the great race trackmaster toy train
  • Vinny995: percy vs percy! all percy race! thomas and friends the great race trackmaster toys train
  • Dylanvo68417: i just revisit misty island rescue, and it made me realize. it's the special that made me feel and sympathize with characters like percy and sir topham hatt. i really miss when characters actually care to find thomas and care to find him. percy especially. mir may be weak, -
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