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  • The Bonny Earl Of Murray
    Ye highlands, and ye lawlands,
    Oh! whair hae ye been?
    They hae slaine the earl of Murray,
    And hae layd him on the green. ...
  • Edward, Edward
    Why dois your brand sae drap wi' bluid,
    Edward, Edward?
    Why dois your brand sae drap wi' bluid?
    And why sae sad gang ye, O? ...
  • The Boy And The Mantle
    In the third day of May,
    To Carleile did come
    A kind curteous child,
    That cold much of wisdome. ...
  • Sir Lancelot Du Lake

  • King Ryence's Challenge
    As it fell out on a Pentecost day,
    King Arthur at Camelot kept his court royall,
    With his faire queene dame Guenever the gay,
    And many bold barons sitting in hall,...
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King 7 True 4 Fast 4 Good 4 God 4 I Love You 4 Hold 4 Never 4 Love 4 Great 4

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  • Funbus9: my 10 favorite episodes (aka the best ones period) cranky bugs thomas percy and the mail train busy going backwards old iron all at sea granpuff/sleeping beauty james and the queen of sodor deputation ghost train wrong road
  • Thesludgetender: my top 10 favorite episodes of thomas in no particular order - oliver owns up - something in the air - percy's chocolate crunch - fish - double teething troubles - a friend in need - busy going backwards - escape - tit for tat
  • Hydesr01: seen this going around so my top 10 thomas episodes: 1. james and the trouble with trees 2. passengers and polish 3. steam roller 4. a surprise for percy 5. peace and quiet 6. cranky bugs 7. special funnel 8. a close shave 9. train stops play 10. stepney gets lost
  • Ibobro4: and the objective worst episodes of s1-5 1. thomas' train 2. thomas and the trucks 3. percy takes the plunge 4. something in the air 5. rusty to the rescue 6. thomas comes to breakfast 7. james and the express 8. thomas and the guard 9. better late than never 10. trust thomas
  • Thelargebarge: my 10 favourite thomas stories in no particular order: - break van - james and the express - the runaway elephant - special funnel - thomas & percy's christmas adventure - tender engines - toby & the stout gentleman - one good turn - percy takes the plunge - escape
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The blossom'd limes, which seem'd to exhale
Her breath, were swept with one strong sweep,
And up the dusty road the hail
Came like a flock of hasty sheep,

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