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John Keble (/ˈkiːbəl/; 25 April 1792 – 29 March 1866) was an English churchman and poet, one of the leaders of the Oxford Movement. Keble College, Oxford, was named after him.

Early life Keble was born on 25 April 1792 in Fairford, Gloucestershire, where his father, John Keble, was Vicar of Coln St. Aldwyns. He and his brother Thomas were educated at home by their father until each went to Oxford. In 1806 John won a scholarship to Corpus Christi College, Oxford. There, he performed brilliantly, and in 1810 achieved a Double First Class in Latin and Mathematics. In 1811, he won the University Prizes both for the English and Latin Essays and became a Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. He was for some years a tutor and examiner in the University.

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John Keble Poems

  • Fifth Sunday After Easter - Rogation Sunday
    Now is there solemn pause in earth and heaven;
    The Conqueror now
    His bonds hath riven,
    And Angels wonder why He stays below: ...
  • All Saint's Day
    Why blow'st thou not, thou wintry wind,
    Now every leaf is brown and sere,
    And idly droops, to thee resigned,
    The fading chaplet of the year? ...
  • St. Andrew's Day
    When brothers part for manhood's race,
    What gift may most endearing prove
    To keep fond memory its her place,
    And certify a brother's love? ...
  • November
    Red oâ??er the forest peers the setting sun;
    The line of yellow light dies fast away
    That crownâ??d the eastern copse; and chill and dun
    Falls on the moor the brief November day. ...
  • St. John Baptist's Day
    Twice in her season of decay
    The fallen Church hath felt Elijah's eye
    Dart from the wild its piercing ray:
    Not keener burns, in the chill morning sky, ...
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Comments about John Keble

  • Fitzmorrissey: “poetry, traced as high up as we can go, may almost seem to be god’s gift from the beginning …: at any rate the fact is unquestionable, that it was the ordained vehicle of revelation, until god himself was made manifest in the flesh.” (john keble, on the mysticism, p. 183)
  • Breathinglondon: not detecting much pollution near brent - john keble primary school (pollution low : 1)
  • Harlesdenforum: brent consultation about school streets closes on july 30th. local schools john keble (crownhill road) and leopold (hawkshead road). harlesden primary has permanent restrictions and furness nothing at all. share your view!
  • Historicwomens: homeless and orphaned children settle down to sleep in the air raid shelter at john keble church, mill hill, london during the blitz in 1940
  • Breathinglondon: my lungs are feeling dusty near brent - john keble primary school (pollution low : 2)
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