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Celia Laighton Thaxter (June 29, 1835 – August 25, 1894) was an American writer of poetry and stories. For most of her life, she resided with her father on the Isles of Shoals at his Appledore Hotel. How she grew up to become a writer is detailed in her early autobiography (published by St. Nicholas), and her book entitled Among the Isles of Shoals. Thaxter became one of America's favorite authors in the late 19th century. Among her best-known poems are "The Burgomaster Gull", "Landlocked", "Milking", "The Great White Owl", "The Kingfisher", and "The Sandpiper".

Early years and education Celia Laighton was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, June 29, 1835, but the family moved soon after to the Isles of Shoals, first on White Island, where her father, Thom...
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Celia Thaxter Poems

  • The Shag
    "What is that great bird, sister, tell me,
    Perched high on the top of the crag?"
    "'T is the cormorant, dear little brother;
    The fishermen call it the shag." ...
  • Regret
    SOFTLY Death touched her and she passed away
    Out of this glad, bright world she made more fair,
    Sweet as the apple-blossoms, when in May
    The orchards flush, of summer grown aware. ...
  • Imprisoned
    LIGHTLY she lifts the large, pure, luminous shell,
    Poises it in her strong and shapely hand.
    â??Listen,â? she says, â??it has a tale to tell,
    Spoken in language you may understand.� ...
  • The Pimpernel
    SHE walks beside the silent shore,
    The tide is high, the breeze is still;
    No ripple breaks the ocean-floor,
    The sunshine sleeps upon the hill. ...
  • Slumber Song
    Thou little child, with tender, clinging arms,
    Drop thy sweet head, my darling, down and rest
    Upon my shoulder, rest with all thy charms;
    Be soothed and comforted, be loved and blessed. ...
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  • Gregoryirish60: “there shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.” - celia thaxter ❤️
  • Tutupourmondeux: “there shall be an eternal summer in the grateful heart.” — celia thaxter
  • Desdelboy: celia thaxter's garden, isles of shoals, maine, 1890. childe hassam. oil on canvas.
  • Musecgjs: happily celia thaxter’s gardens are still there today…
  • P_nkxn: celia thaxter's garden, isles of shoals, maine, 1890 by childe hassam oil on canvas
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