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  • Hole
    They flee from me, dearest wishes,
    Undesires that strive to become friendly foes,
    Poor mind, of thy sores to deepen, they rush,
    For Disappointment opens my door in sad smiles, ...
  • Ecstasy
    Amidst festive fantasies, love birds delight,
    In gracious pleasures of the daylight,
    Aiding the strong sieged castles of the heart,
    In wholesome passion, torn apart, ...
  • Justified
    The truth sang melodiously to my open deaf ears,
    But I stiffened, to the grunts of my repellent pride,
    In tunes of ignorance I danced, but in penitential tears,
    The truth sang melodiously to my open deaf ears, ...
  • Before Our Freedom
    In the dungeons of untrue liberty, we were laid,
    Chains of inhumanness clustered our treasured feet,
    Good tidings they preached, to us, roes we weet,
    “Static efforts that puzzled fettered minds”, I said, ...
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Beatrice. (From Dante. Purgatorio, Xxx., Xxxi.)
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Wearing again the garments of the flesh,
So, upon that celestial chariot,
A hundred rose
ad vocem tanti senis
Ministers and messengers of life eternal.

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