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John Boyle O'Reilly (28 June 1844 – 10 August 1890) was an Irish-American poet, journalist, author and activist. As a youth in Ireland, he was a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, or Fenians, for which he was transported to Western Australia. After escaping to the United States, he became a prominent spokesperson for the Irish community and culture, through his editorship of the Boston newspaper The Pilot, his prolific writing, and his lecture tours.

Born in Dowth, O'Reilly moved to his aunt's residence in England as a teenager and became involved in journalism and shortly after became involved in the military. He, however, left the military in 1863 after becoming angry with the military's treatment of the Irish, and returned to Ireland the same ye...
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John Boyle O'reilly Poems

  • Grant-1885
    BLESSED are Pain, the smiter,
    And Sorrow, the uniter!
    For one afflicted lies-
    A symboled sacrifice- ...
  • The Dead Who Died For Ireland
    The dead who died for Ireland!
    Oh, these are living words
    To nerve the hearts of patriots -
    to steel avenging swords -...
  • Released-january, 1878
    On the 5th of January,!878, three of the Irish political prisoners, who had been confined since!866, were set at liberty. The released men were received by their fellow-countrymen in London. 'They are well,' said the report, ' but they look prematurely old.'

    THEY are free at last! They can face the sun; ...
  • Midnight-september 19, 1881

    ONCE in a lifetime, we may see the veil ...
  • Uncle Ned's Tale: An Old Dragoon's Story
    I OFTEN, musing, wander back to days long since gone by,
    And far-off scenes and long-lost forms arise to fancy's eye.
    A group familiar now I see, who all but one are fled,-
    My mother, sister Jane, myself, and dear old Uncle Ned. ...
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  • Duoscottmcon: rest & return mayor ryan. good counsel & friend of the greater springfield area. he'd believe that this tweeter never knew about the john boyle o'reilly club ... used to endorse political candidates & some politico's club. learned more from this area. a little more irish yet!
  • Simeonominde: anonymity is the fame of the future. -john boyle o'reilly
  • Jarhead996: where law and song and loathing of wrong are words of the common heart; where the masses honor straightforward strength, and know, when veins are bled, that the bluest blood is putrid blood—that the people’s blood is red!" from the poem 'crispus attucks' by john boyle o'reilly
  • Literaryrob: from east, from west, from south and north, the messages of hope shot forth... remembering the great chicago fire of october 8, 1871, with poetry from john greenleaf whittier and john boyle o'reilly --
  • Khaihori: before 1856, tasmania, australia was known as van diemen’s land, a british penal colony. u2 wrote this song for irish poet and freedom fighter john boyle o’reilly who was sentenced to 20 yrs there, but escaped after 2 and later settled in the usa. the edge, not bono, sang.
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