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  • To G. M. W. And G. F. W

    Whenas, (I love that "whenas" word,
    It shows I am a poet, too,) ...
  • The Poor Boy's Christmas
    Observe, my child, this pretty scene,
    And note the air of pleasure keen
    With which the widow's orphan boy
    Toots his tin horn, his only toy. ...
  • A St. Valentine's Day Tragedy
    Oh! Montmorency Vere de Vere,
    To think that one I held so dear
    Should use a base deceiver's art
    To trifle with my loving heart. ...
  • To Kate. ( In Lieu Of A Valentine )
    Sweet Love and I had oft communed;
    We were, indeed, great friends,
    And oft I sought his office, near
    Where Courtship Alley ends. ...
  • Judgment Day
    Saint Peter stood, at Heaven's gate,
    All souls claims to adjudicate
    Saying to some souls, 'Enter in!'
    'Go to Hell,' to others, 'you are steeped in sin.' ...
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Heart 29 I Love You 20 Love 20 Long 15 Never 14 Year 14 Sweet 14 Great 13 Good 12 Head 11

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Jkuszai: ellis parker butler in this 1927 article is "one of flushing's most famous authors"—who are the others? here is a standing query: what is the earliest specific reference to queens or queens county in a published work of literature? butler's 1912 play "the revolt" set in flushing.
Melaniejaxn: any fellow gets mad if he is called "teacher's pet," even if he is teacher's pet. ~ellis parker butler
Adroitlyabsurd: i’ll add that in addition to being a fine piece of animation & music nominated for an academy award it’s superior for ditching the racist phrasing in ellis parker butler’s original 1905 story
Naohikokanagae: 'pigs is pigs,' by ellis parker butler/ december 30, 2022
Decorativecouk: ellis parker butler original 1920 photo & autograph swivel wood art deco frame
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