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  • To G. M. W. And G. F. W

    Whenas, (I love that "whenas" word,
    It shows I am a poet, too,) ...
  • The Poor Boy's Christmas
    Observe, my child, this pretty scene,
    And note the air of pleasure keen
    With which the widow's orphan boy
    Toots his tin horn, his only toy. ...
  • A St. Valentine's Day Tragedy
    Oh! Montmorency Vere de Vere,
    To think that one I held so dear
    Should use a base deceiver's art
    To trifle with my loving heart. ...
  • To Kate. ( In Lieu Of A Valentine )
    Sweet Love and I had oft communed;
    We were, indeed, great friends,
    And oft I sought his office, near
    Where Courtship Alley ends. ...
  • Judgment Day
    Saint Peter stood, at Heaven's gate,
    All souls claims to adjudicate
    Saying to some souls, 'Enter in!'
    'Go to Hell,' to others, 'you are steeped in sin.' ...
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  • Cozyxmaspod: in today's episode gracie & i talk about her birthday & play a game of christmas trivia. then i read a pretty funny story called the canned plum pudding-d a hilarious look at the danger of regifting that unwanted gift!
  • Superqueer619: horacio the handsnake - ellis parker butler
  • Patchlimb: ‘quote of the day’: baadic “the sheep adorns the landscape rural and is both singular and plural— it gives grammarians the creeps to hear one say, “a flock of sheeps.” - opening verse of ‘the sheep’ by ellis parker butler
  • Ancientnmodern: excellent fact of the day. the iconic star trek episode, ‘the trouble with tribbles’, was inspired by ellis parker butler’s wonderful short story ‘pigs is pigs’ in which an entire railway station is taken over by guinea pigs as a result of bureaucratic intransigence.
  • Englishwellbiz: solander's radio tomb by ellis parker butler
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Another day of toil and strife,
Another page so white,
Within that fateful Log of Life
That I and all must write;
Another page without a stain
To make of as I may,
That done, I shall not see again
Until the Judgment Day.

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