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The room is full of you!-As I came in
And closed the door behind me, all at once
A something in the air, intangible,
Yet stiff with meaning, struck my senses sick!-

Edna St. Vincent Millay
The Boy With The Sun In His Pocket

You may be if you laugh at yourself
accept the sky has its own significance
and is not waiting for your interpretation
and metaphor.

S. K. Kelen
Poem Written At Morning

A sunny day's complete Poussiniana
Divide it from itself. It is this or that
And it is not.
By metaphor you paint

Wallace Stevens
Epilogue To "mithridates, King Of Pontus;" By Nathan Lee, 1678.

You've seen a pair of faithful lovers die:
And much you care; for most of you will cry,
'Twas a just judgment on their constancy.
For, heaven be thank'd, we live in such an age,

John Dryden
Typhoon Signal No. 1

This is where the typhoon startsâ??
inside the fourth paragraph,
ten city blocks away,


Nick Carbo

My daughter plays on the floor
with plastic letters,
red, blue & hard yellow,
learning how to spell,

Margaret Atwood
The Poet

The riches of the poet are equal to his poetry
His power is his left hand
It is idle weak and precious
His poverty is his wealth, a wealth which may destroy him

Delmore Schwartz
Thousand Star Hotel, Hanoi


Over the road from the three star Galaxy Hotel is our hotel,
the old park on Phan Dinh Phung Street,

S. K. Kelen

Dear Bruner, once we had a little talk
(That is to say, 'twas I did all the talking)
About the manner of your moral walk:
How devious the trail you made in stalking,

Ambrose Bierce
A Sorcerer Bids Farewell To Seem

I'm through with this grand looking-glass hotel
where adjectives play croquet with flamingo nouns;
methinks I shall absent me for a while
from rhetoric of these rococo queens.

Sylvia Plath

Thou burden of all songs the earth hath sung,
Thou retrospect in Time's reverted eyes,
Thou metaphor of everything that dies,
That dies ill-starred, or dies beloved and young

William Watson
Changed Voices

Last night the seawind was to me
A metaphor of liberty,
And every wave along the beach
A starlit music seemed to be.

William Watson
The Rock In The Sea

Think of our blindness where the water burned!
Are we so certain that those wings, returned
And turning, we had half discerned
Before our dazzled eyes had surely seen

Archibald Macleish
Alan Dugan Telling Me I Have A Problem With Time

He reads my latest attempt at a poem
and is silent for a long time, until it feels
like that night we waited for Apollo,
my mother wandering in and out of her bedroom, asking,

Nick Flynn

Even as on some black background full of night
And hollow storm in cloudy disarray,
The forceful brush of some great master may
More brilliantly evoke a higher light;

Mathilde Blind

Sometimes the notes are ferocious,
skirmishes against the author
raging along the borders of every page
in tiny black script.

Billy Collins
Roger Heston

Oh many times did Ernest Hyde and I
Argue about the freedom of the will.
My favorite metaphor was Prickett's cow
Roped out to grass, and free you know as far

Edgar Lee Masters
At Algeciras - A Meditaton Upon Death

The heron-billed pale cattle-birds
That feed on some foul parasite
Of the Moroccan flocks and herds
Cross the narrow Straits to light

William Butler Yeats
Not Fair

'T IS very true, I thought you once as fair
As women in th' idea are;*
Whatever here seems beauteous, seem'd to be
But a faint metaphor of thee:

Abraham Cowley
At Aleciras - A Meditaton Upon Death

The heron-billed pale cattle-birds
That feed on some foul parasite
Of the Moroccan flocks and herds
Cross the narrow Straits to light

William Butler Yeats
Hypocrite Auteur

mon semblable, mon frère
Our epoch takes a voluptuous satisfaction
In that perspective of the action

Archibald Macleish
Very Like A Whale

One thing that literature would be greatly the better for
Would be a more restricted employment by the authors of simile and
Authors of all races, be they Greeks, Romans, Teutons or Celts,

Ogden Nash
A Sort Of A Song

Let the snake wait under
his weed
and the writing
be of words, slow and quick, sharp

William Carlos Williams
Valedictory Sonnet

Serving no haughty Muse, my hands have here
Disposed some cultured Flowerets (drawn from spots
Where they bloomed singly, or in scattered knots),
Each kind in several beds of one parterre;

William Wordsworth
Already Dead

A crackpot gringo in Guatemala told me:
when the pilots of the suicide planes began
their dives down at the ships they were already dead.
Coming from him, a smug didactic metaphor.

Eric Torgersen
High Talk

Processions that lack high stilts have nothing that catches the eye.
What if my great-granddad had a pair that were twenty foot high,
And mine were but fifteen foot, no modern Stalks upon higher,
Some rogue of the world stole them to patch up a fence or a fire.

William Butler Yeats
An Answer To A Copy Of Verses Sent Me To Jersey

As to a northern people (whom the sun
Uses just as the Romish church has done
Her prophane laity, and does assign
Bread only both to serve for bread and wine)

Abraham Cowley
Echoes From Galilee

What means this gathering multitude,
Upon thy shores, O, Galilee,
As various as the billows rude
That sweep thy ever restless sea?

Alfred Castner King
Queen Mab: Part Iv.

'How beautiful this night! the balmiest sigh,
Which vernal zephyrs breathe in evening's ear,
Were discord to the speaking quietude
That wraps this moveless scene. Heaven's ebon vault,

Percy Bysshe Shelley
Hospital For Defectives

By your unnumbered charities
A miracle disclose,
Lord of the Images, whose love
The eyelids and the rose

Thomas Blackburn
Calling Him Back From Layoff

I called a man today. After he said
hello and I said hello came a pause
during which it would have been


Bob Hicok
Rabbi Ben Ezra

Grow old along with me!
The best is yet to be,
The last of life, for which the first was made:
Our times are in His hand

Robert Browning

You are the stately sunset,
Departing with a hundred flames of amber
Beyond the pinnacles of autumn pine
And the low mountains

Clark Ashton Smith
Prologue To Tancred And Sigismunda

Bold is the man! who, in this nicer age,
Presumes to tread the chaste corrected stage.
Now, with gay tinsel arts, we can no more
Conceal the want of Nature's sterling ore.

James Thomson
A Story From A Dictionary.

"Sic visum Veneri: cui placet impares
Formas atque animos sub juga aë nea
Saevo mittere cum joco."
--Hor. i. 33.

Henry Austin Dobson
Old John

Old John, if I could sit with you a day
At Abram's feet upon the asphodel,
There, while the grand old patriarch dreamed away,
To you my life's whole progress I would tell;

Thomas Edward Brown
Daedalus And Icarus

Daedalus says:

Go on sonny but remember that you are walking and not flying
the wings are just an ornament and you are stepping on a meadow

Zbigniew Herbert
The Two Majors.

An excellent soldier who's worthy the name
Loves officers dashing and strict:
When good, he's content with escaping all blame,
When naughty, he likes to be licked.

William Schwenck Gilbert
The Vision Of The Maid Of Orleans: The Second Book

She spake, and lo! celestial radiance beam'd
Amid the air, such odors wafting now
As erst came blended with the evening gale,
From Eden's bowers of bliss. An angel form

Robert Southey
In A Garden

When the gardener has gone this garden
Looks wistful and seems waiting an event.
It is so spruce, a metaphor of Eden
And even more so since the gardener went,

Elizabeth Jennings
The Great Explosion

The universe expands and contracts like a great heart.
It is expanding, the farthest nebulae
Rush with the speed of light into empty space.
It will contract, the immense navies of stars and galaxies,

Robinson Jeffers
The Two Majors

An excellent soldier who's worthy the name
Loves officers dashing and strict:
When good, he's content with escaping all blame,
When naughty, he likes to be licked.

William Schwenck Gilbert
The Rape Of The Lock (canto 5)

She said: the pitying audience melt in tears,
But Fate and Jove had stopp'd the Baron's ears.
In vain Thalestris with reproach assails,
For who can move when fair Belinda fails?

Alexander Pope
The Island - Canto The Second.


How pleasant were the songs of Toobonai,[368]
When Summer's Sun went down the coral bay!

George Gordon Byron
Gnothi Seauton


If thou canst bear
Strong meat of simple truth

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Mute Discourse

â??Fulmina. . . . coelo nulla sereno.â?



James Brunton Stephens
Don Juan - Canto The Seventh.

O Love! O Glory! what are ye who fly
Around us ever, rarely to alight?
There 's not a meteor in the polar sky
Of such transcendent and more fleeting flight.

George Gordon Byron
Female Author

All day she plays at chess with the bones of the world:
Favored (while suddenly the rains begin
Beyond the window) she lies on cushions curled
And nibbles an occasional bonbon of sin.

Sylvia Plath
Where You Are Planted

He's as high as a georgia pine, my father'd say, half laughing. southern trees
as measure, metaphor. highways lined with kudzu-covered southern trees.

fuchsia, lavender, white, light pink, purple : crape myrtle bouquets burst

Evie Shockley
The Mirror Of Diana

Popular Name for Lake Nemi.

SHE floats into the quiet skies,

Mathilde Blind